Just yesterday, Karnataka BJP President BS Yeddyurappa alleged that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah had siphoned off Rs 1000 crores to Congress ‘High Command’ to retain his CM post. According to Yeddyurappa, the information regarding the alleged pay-off by Siddaramaiah is available in a diary recovered during the raid on the house of Member of Legislative Council (MLC) K. Govindraju many months ago.

However, a leaked video conversation between BS Yeddyurappa and Union Minister Ananth Kumar from the BJP Executive Meet in Bengaluru on February 12 has instead embarrassed the two senior leaders of Karnataka BJP. In this leaked video released by local media channels, in the context of BSY’s allegations regarding Siddaramaiah having given Rs 1000 crores to Congress ‘High Command’, Ananth Kumar is heard telling BSY, “You have also paid money when in power, I have also paid money when I was in power (to High Command)”. They further go on to state, “We will accuse him, he will have to clarify. People might not believe he got kickbacks of Rs 1000 Crore but we will accuse him. Till elections they will have to keep clarifying”. For viewer convenience, we are putting here a shorter version of the video with English speech bubbles as well as the longer version of the video.


In a massive setback for the BJP, Congress leader Ugrappa has released A CD in which BJP state leader Yeddyurappa and MP Ananth Kumar are seen talking about plotting against CM Siddaramaiah and the congress high command. The CD contains conversation the two senior BJP leaders at BJP Bengaluru city executive meet. BSY and Union minister Ananth Kumar were heard plotting against CM.

Posted by NEWS9 on Monday, February 13, 2017

This is a double whammy for BJP with Ananth Kumar and BS Yeddyurappa admitting to having paid the BJP High Command when they were in power, an allegation that they were using against Siddaramaiah and it also exposes their election strategy. Not surprisingly, when Yeddyurappa was questioned regarding the same by journalists today, he refused to respond. In the following video, one can see how Yeddyurappa is avoiding the journalist.

Yeddyurappa refused to respond to journalists' questions over his and Ananth Kumar's conversation about them having given money to 'High Command'.

Posted by Alt News on Wednesday, February 22, 2017