Kalol College pacvhad सूरत गुजरात હરીનગર – ૨ માં એક છોકરો જેનું નામ સુભાષ શાહુ છે અને આ છૉકરા નૅ પબજી રમતા હાત બંઘ નથી થતા અનૅ છૉકરૉ મૅનટલ થૈ ગયૉ છૅ તમનૅ હાથ જૉડી નૅ વિનતી છૅ કૅ પબજી રમવા નુ બંધ કરૉ અનૅ આ વીડિયૉ આગળ મૉકલૉ જે થી બીજા કૉઈના છૉકરા નૉ જીવ બચી જાય 🙏 પબજી બંધ કરૉ

Translation: Kalol College pacvhad Surat Gujarat Harinagar- This boy is Subhash Shah. His hands wont stop due to PUBG and he has lost his mind. This is a request to please stop playing PUBG and to forward this video so that other children may be saved. Ban PUBG.

The above message has been shared widely on social media, along with a video and some photographs. In the video, the boy can be seen constantly twiddling his thumbs as he lies on the hospital bed, attended by doctors. The photographs show a boy in the company of his parents.

Kalol College pacvhad सूरत गुजरात હરીનગર – ૨ માં એક છોકરો જેનું નામ સુભાષ શાહુ છે અને આ છૉકરા નૅ પબજી રમતા હાત બંઘ નથી…

Posted by Sandeep Patil on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The above post has been shared over 1000 times so far. The pictures and video have also been shared with the message in Hindi.

The message, along with the video and pictures, has gone viral on Facebook wherein several users have posted it with identical text.

The same has been posted on Twitter.

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer shooting game which is hugely popular among young Gujaratis. Earlier this year, the Gujarat government had officially banned the game from primary schools, citing ‘adverse effects’ on young players. The video with the accompanying narrative is also circulating on WhatsApp.


Alt News’s fact-check found this claim false. We reverse-searched one of the images on Google, and came across an article on Milaap. Milaap is an online crowdfunding platform, wherein anyone can raise funds through appeals, mostly for health-related causes.

The name of the boy seen in the photos is Sujan, and not Subhash Shah as claimed.

There is no reference to PUBG anywhere in the article. Sujan is from Karnataka. He is suffering from blood cancer.

Alt News could not independently ascertain the origin of the video circulating along with the message. Additionally, we did not come across a single news report in the Gujarati media about the said incident. The claim circulating on social media is false.

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