One of the defining pictures of the fracas at Ramjas College, Delhi, where ABVP members assaulted students of AISA, SFI and other student unions was that of an ABVP activist Diksha Verma who was clicked swinging her hand at another student.

ABVP activist Diksha Verma assaulting a student in Ramjas

The image went viral and she later alleged that she went on the offensive as she was being molested.

Diksha Verma alleges molestation

However, now a video of Diksha Verma punching AISA National President Sucheta De in her face without any apparent provocation has gone viral on social media.

In the above video, Diksha Verma can be seen walking towards Sucheta De and swinging a punch at her and then walking away as Sucheta De reacts with surprise and pain. This unprovoked attack captured on video have put her earlier allegations in a shadow of doubt.