A video is viral on Twitter and Facebook with the claim, “Most vulgar language used by the girl students of JNU in the Campus protest. And, we pay Tax to subsidise their studies in JNU. This Institution called JNU deserves to be shut down earliest”.

Several other Twitter users have also shared the video. It is also viral on Facebook with the same claim.

The clip was also shared on Facebook in November 2019 with a similar claim – “#JNU girls : This type of study is going on in #JNU. See what abusive language they are using against their V.C Time to shut down this institution.”

The viral video is being shared in Hindi as well – #JNU के स्टुडंट #लडकीयोंकी घिनौनी, अभद्र भाषा सुनिये इस विडीओ में…और हम इन्हीं विद्यार्थीयों की सुविधाओं के लिये भारत सरकार को टॅक्स देते है और इन गंदी नाली के कीडों को अप्रत्यक्ष रूप सें बढावा देते है. अब बहुत हो गया…#JNU जैसे #देशद्रोही_पैदा_करनेवाले संगठन #जल्द_से_जल्द #बंद_होने_ही_चाहिये. (translation – Listen to the disgusting, vulgar language of the JNU female students in this video…and we give tax to the Government of India for the facilities of these students and indirectly promote these dirty drain pests. Its high time now to close down organizations like JNU that produce traitors ).

Alt News has received verification requests for this video on its mobile application.


Alt News broke down the video into multiple keyframes and did a Google reverse image search. We found a clipped version of the video uploaded on iShare Rediff, a multimedia sharing platform, on August 1, 2008 by a user named XLRI. The caption of the video says “IIM Calcutta Girls Swearing XLRI”. Xavier Labor Relations Institute, short-form XLRI, is a management school in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

We also found multiple instances of the video uploaded on YouTube in 2009, 2011 and 2014 with similar claims.

Upon watching the video closely, some of the people can be spotted wearing different types of jerseys. One of the men is wearing a jersey with ‘XLRI’ written on it.

The video, however, was also uploaded with a different description on YouTube. A channel uploaded the clip on April 18, 2008, with the caption, sn ki maa kaand a description saying “ye hai iit kgp ke girls hostel ka scene” suggesting that the video pertains to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

The Quint contacted a student from XLRI to confirm if the video was shot in the campus. The Quint reached out to a student from XLRI Jamshedpur who confirmed to us that this is indeed the XLRI campus. Although he could not confirm when was the video recorded, they said that the video was recorded during the annual sports event of the college. We also got in touch with a member of the PR cell of XLRI who informed us that although the incident happened inside campus, the girls are not students of the college and had come as members of a contingent participating in the sports meet.”

An old video which was traced back till 2008 is being shared as female students of JNU using expletives during the recent protests in the campus.