A video of vehicles driving over a huge pothole on the road has been shared with the claim that it is from Mumbai.

The video is in fact viral with the claim that it was shot in Mumbai.

Inspector General (IG) of Bilaspur Police Dipanshu Kabra also tweeted the video and responded to several people that it is from Mumbai.

Alt News has also received verification requests for the video.


The bottom right corner of the video carries the logo “小强兄弟 123”.

A Google search for this keyword led us to a link on Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili where the same video was uploaded in 2017. People behind the camera can be heard conversing in a non-Indian language.

There are several clues in the video which suggest that it is from China. Shops in the background have banners in Chinese.

An FAW JH6 truck is visible in the clip. FAW Group is a Chinese state-owned automobile company headquartered in Changchun.

Therefore a video from China was shared as vehicles driving on a potholed road in Mumbai.

About the Author

Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.