A video showing a group of police officers confiscating an idol of Hindu deity Ganesh as the crowd gathered around tries to stop them has been circulating widely on social media. “This is the situation in Kerala during Ganeshotsav celebrations. Hindus cannot even celebrate their own festivals in Kerala, no matter how much brotherhood the RSS spreads there. Jihadis can only spread hatred,” reads the accompanying claim.


गणेशोत्सव में केरल में ये हालात हो गए है हिन्दुओ के
हिन्दू अपना त्योहार भी नही मना सकता है अपने हिन्दुस्थान में👍👍

Posted by Ram Kumar on Saturday, September 11, 2021

The footage has been shared on several Facebook groups with the same claim.


गणेशोत्सव में केरल में ये हालात हो गए है.
कि हिन्दू अपना त्योहार भी नहीं मना सकता है
RSS चाहे कितना भी प्रेम दिखा ले केरल मे, लेकिन जेहादी तुमको सिर्फ नफरत ही देगे।

Posted by हिंदुत्व मेरी पहचान on Sunday, September 12, 2021

We also received a request to verify the visuals on the Alt News WhatsApp number.


The people seen in the clip are speaking in Telugu. We performed a keyword search using this information, which led us to an Asianet Telugu article from September 12 that said the incident is from Hyderabad. it states that a group of people had complained to the police that they were being harassed by another group’s religious festivities. Following this, the police reached the scene, made some arrests, and confiscated the idol.

We also noticed that a user on Facebook had uploaded four additional videos of the same incident on September 10. The accompanying Telugu caption stated that the police did not allow a group of individuals to set up a Ganesha shrine at the behest of another group.

*పాతబస్తీ లో గణేషుడు అరెస్ట్*

హైదరాబాద్ లో ఓ వర్గం ఫిర్యాదు మేరకు గణపతి ప్రతిష్టాపన అడ్డుకున్న పోలీసులు.


Posted by Venkataramana Arra on Friday, September 10, 2021

The sequence of events is confirmed by the aforementioned four clips. A group of people is seen trying to worship Ganpati by laying mats down on the ground of a gated colony, and the police are trying to disperse them from the spot. One of the videos has a board in the background that reads ‘Rakshapuram Colony’. We discovered that this housing colony is located in Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad.

Sharing the video of the incident on Facebook, Hyderabad-based local journalist Shaik Younus wrote that a group of Hindu right-wing supporters was trying to forcibly install an idol of Ganesha on private property. After another group complained, the police took cognizance of the matter and arrested them.



Some anti social elements try to communalized Hyderabad city but Hyderabad police Fail them
In Rakshapuram area Santosh police limits some Hindu Right wing’s people forcefully sit Ganesh idol on private property which lead mild tension in Rakshapuram colony but Hyderabad city police control the situation immediately and heavy police deployed in entire Rakshapuram colony and police arrested many Right people and shifted them near by police station

Posted by Shaik younus Reporter on Friday, September 10, 2021

Sub-inspector A Rajender of the Santoshnagar police station told Boomlive that there was no communal angle to the incident. He clarified that the idol had been installed on disputed land, which two groups were laying claim on. The team asked the local people to remove the idol from there and they complied. However, some political activists later tried to re-install the idol forcefully, because of which they had to be removed.

To sum it up, an unrelated video of an incident from Hyderabad is being shared with a false communal angle and the claim that the incident took place in Kerala.

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