A video of an autorickshaw breaking down while the pregnant woman inside the vehicle is crying in pain is viral on social media. The driver motions other vehicles on the road to stop for help, but several pass without stopping. One car finally stops and a young girl gets down and offers water to the woman in the autorickshaw. She then informs a man sitting in the other car about the woman’s condition. The individual gets down and helps move the woman into his vehicle. It is claimed that the young girl saved two lives.

A few others have shared the clip believing it to be true.

Scripted video

Alt News has earlier debunked several such videos which have mistakenly been shared as real. We noticed that a page named Peace Foundation first posted the clip on December 6 with the caption, “These short films are for entertainment and educational purposes only!”

As seen in the screenshot above, Facebook recommends a page called LOBO 619 for more similar videos. While we did not find the same video on this page, we compared a different video to the viral clip and found that both used an identical format.

This video is, therefore, a scripted drama and does not depict a real incident. Several such clips have gone viral in the past with misleading claims.

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