Far-right Hindutva organisations arranged an event called the ‘Dharma Sansad’ or ‘Religious Parliament’ from December 17-19 in Haridwar where they called for the genocide of Muslims to “protect” India. The event, held by Yati Narsinghanad, saw the participation of BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay who presented a copy of the Constitution, wrapped in saffron, to Narsinghanand.

In the backdrop of this, several social media users have shared a two-minute clip of BJP MLA T Raja Singh being arrested by policemen. He can be seen resisting the arrest and saying, “Your work is one-sided! Huh?! How can you do a lathi-charge on Hindus? They (Muslims) have been offering namaz in public for the last three days… what have you done?”

Twitter users @ChhonkarShivdan, @UmaShankar2054, @RajaTripathigkp, @Archana56858294, @doharerajkumar posted this clip. ChhonkarShivdan’s video gained over 3,500 views. He wrote, “If you don’t get it now, you will never get it. It’s now our duty to declare India as a Hindu nation. Watch this video and share it with others.”

Several users have claimed that the incident recently took place in Hyderabad. The tweet below claims that Singh was arrested for protesting against Muslims offering namaz on the road for three days straight and blocking traffic.

Old video shared with misleading claim

We performed a keyword search on YouTube and found that this incident dates back to 2019. YouTube channel GoHash.in reported that a communal clash took place over a land dispute in Amberpet area in Hyderabad.


This incident was also reported by Deccan Chronicle. Ās per the report, Singh was released after the arrest. He claimed that the Waqf Board was laying claim to the land even though it was acquired by GHMC.

According to NDTV, T Raja Singh was among those arrested “after clashes over the setting up of a shed on a land where a place of worship was demolished”.

To sum it up, an incident from 2019 was shared with a misleading claim.

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