On October 24, India lost to Pakistan in the 2021 T20 World Cup, making this Pakistan’s first victory against India in a cricket world cup.

A day later, several users shared a 15-second video that shows a crowd celebrating with fireworks. BJP Spokesperson Ajay Sehrawat tweeted this video which clocked over two lakh views. He wrote, “They celebrate the martyrdom of Indian soldiers, this [loss in circket] is a small matter. Can’t expect patriotism from traitors.” He was referring to the Indian Muslim community.

Other social media accounts that posted this video include — Twitter users @Sassy_Hindu and @MeghUpdates1 and Facebook pages HINDU HAI HUM, तेज रफ़्तार योगी सरकार and Reva Dwivedi. Some of them claimed that the video is from Kashmir.

Aaj Tak also aired the video during a show on celebrations in Srinagar after India’s loss.


APN News aired the video with the same claim on October 25.

Video from 2017

Alt News reached out to a reporter at Srinagar who works with a leading national newspaper. The reporter informed that while the video was from Srinagar, it is old. But firecrackers were burst after the recent match, the reporter added.

Jammu and Kashmir police have registered two separate cases against those who celebrated the Pakistan cricket team’s win against India, as per Kashmir Dot Com, a Srinagar-based news agency.

The last time India lost against Pakistan was during ICC Champions Trophy on June 18, 2017.

We performed an advanced keyword search on Twitter filtering videos by verified profiles between June 18 and 19, 2017 and found that Kashmir-based award-winning journalist Ahmer Khan and several Pakistani users had posted videos showing celebrations observed in Srinagar.

Media outlet Greater Kashmir also reported about this.

Similarly, we performed a keyword search on Facebook and restricted the results from 2017. In the process, we found two posts – an image by Facebook page Indian Exponent and a 55-second video that was uploaded by FB page Siasi Buzz. We compared these media files with the viral video and were able to establish that they were from the same location.

In the opening three seconds of the viral video, a man wearing a green t-shirt and headgear can be spotted on a white truck. The same man and the truck are visible in the Indian Exponent image. In the following photo comparison, the Indian Exponent‘s image has been cropped to show the similarity.

At the 11-second mark in the viral video, a banner and a lampost on its left can be spotted. They can also be spotted in the 2017 video by Siasi Buzz. The roof of the building is also distinct.

Prior to our report, Newschecker verified this video and found that it was shot outside Jamia Masjid. The Srinagar-based journalist told us that the video was shot in the Nowhatta area. Jamia Masjid is in Nowhatta.

To sum it up, BJP Spokesperson Ajay Sehrawat shared a video from 2017 from Srinagar that shows people celebrating Pakistan’s win over India as an incident that took place after the 2021 India’s defeat against Pakistan in T20 World Cup.

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