Dear @MumbaiPolice@CPMumbaiPolice pl look into this matter as this handle is using photoshopped screenshots under my handle.” Bollywood film maker and right wing activist Vivek Agnihotri tweeted his complaint to Mumbai police. He was referring to a screenshot in which he is seen as calling Arnab a “paedophile”.

Agnihotri has made several seemingly desperate appeals to Mumbai police since last night.

So what is the truth? Did Agnihotri call Arnab a paedophile? That is a very serious allegation. Agnihotri claims the screenshot is a photoshop whereas his critics claim that he deleted the tweet.

Unfortunately for Agnihotri, his tweet had been archived at and can be viewed here.

Screenshots of old tweets of Agnihotri have been doing the rounds on Twitter since last night. In a series of tweets dug out by Twitter user Md Asif Khan, Agnihotri is seen to be highly critical of Arnab. Apart from the paedophile slur, he also calls Arnab‘s show the “dustbin of media”.

It is now clear that all the tweets that Agnihotri claimed were photoshopped/forged while falsely complaining to Mumbai police were in fact tweeted by him. He deleted some of the tweets, while others are still available on his Twitter timeline. Alt News brings you a collection of tweets by Agnihotri targeting Arnab along with the archived links for the individual tweets, in case he claims once again that they are photoshopped.

It is possible for reasons unknown to us that Agnihotri’s views about Arnab have undergone a sea change in recent times and he feels the need to delete his old tweets. But Agnihotri must answer why he tweeted a frivolous and false complaint about several Twitter users to Mumbai police when he had deleted the tweets himself or the tweets still existed on his timeline. We hope he will find time to do so once he is done with trolling or blocking all those who are having a hearty laugh at this hypocrisy and botched attempt to cover-up. Apart from wasting time of the Mumbai Police, this falsehood has raised questions about Agnihotri’s credibility. As they say, Internet never forgets. Agnihotri has learned it the hard way today.