A Sub-Inspector Sushma Yadav and one constable Ajay Malik were thrashed with sticks and threatened with a pistol after SI Sushma Yadav had stopped a bike belonging to an ex-BJP MLA Chetram Pasi’s son Anuj. Soon after they had let the bike go, 7-8 men in a Bolera with a BJP flag on it stopped near SI Sushma Yadav and thrashed her. Constable Ajay Malik who tried to save his senior colleague was also thrashed. Chetram Pasi is also the present BJP candidate from Powayan constituency in Uttar Pradesh. SI Sushma Yadav narrates the incident in the following video.

Sub-Inspector Sushma Yadav and constable Ajay Malik were checking vehicles at Town Hall crossing in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, when they first stopped BJP MLA’s son Anuj along with two of his friends who were travelling on a bike. Anuj could not produce any identification papers. Later, Anuj’s elder brother Neeraj came along with other men in a car with a BJP flag on it and thrashed the Sub-inspector and constable.

In the video above, Sushma Yadav also questions PM Modi that even if women in uniform are not safe while BJP is not yet in power in UP, if BJP does come to power, what would happen to women’s security? That if women in uniform are threatened with pistols and sticks by an ex-BJP MLA’s sons and supporters, what can be expected if BJP comes into power?

Chetram Pasi’s son, Anuj, who was supposedly on the bike and his elder brother Neeraj who later thrashed the woman sub-inspector have been booked under serious sections including rioting, preventing a public servant from discharging duty and attempt to murder along with four others. Three accused Anuj, Abhisekh and Mukesh have reportedly been arrested.