This morning, over a series of tweets, Gurmehar Kaur announced that she’s withdrawing from the campaign against ABVP. She also urged the students to join the march against ABVP in large numbers, and that the campaign is about the students and not about her.

I’m withdrawing from the campaign. Congratulations everyone. I request to be left alone. I said what I had to say.. I have been through a lot and this is all my 20 year self could take 🙂 The campaign is about students and not about me. Please go to the March in huge numbers. Best of luck. To anyone questioning my courage and bravery.. I’ve shown more than enough. It’s a request, please leave me alone. Stop spamming my wall and phone. Any question abt my decision tweet to @Voice_Of_Ram.

gurmehar kaur withdraws from the abvp campaign

Tons of accolades have poured in for Gurmehar from all over the country for the exemplary courage she has shown in dealing with the co-ordinated attack on her with the BJP Government lining up Ministers, MPs, Spokespersons and Sarkari journalists with a single point agenda of targeting her because she expressed an opinion that was in opposition to their world view. However, to get an idea as to what this 20 year old had to face, please look at the following screenshots of tweets that were addressed to her Twitter account @mehartweets. If this is not shameful, what is?