Gold trader says that he’ll be forced to vote for other parties because of Arun Jaitley’s policies

Mr Vimal Kanswa, who claims to be a gold trader and lives in Mumbai, has written a letter to PMO India’s Facebook page complaining about the decisions of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. He claims that in the hurry to increase tax collections, FM is going to kill the golden goose i.e. the support from the trader community who voted en-masse for BJP and Modi.

Here’s the letter in full.

[pullquote align=”full”]Respected Shri MODI Ji ,
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India , New Delhi


We are ardent supporters of BJP since birth & never voted any other party in our life but now will be forced to vote other party due to mindless proposal of FM . Yes … about 1 Core people directly engaged in gold trade all over India and remaining 5 crores are dependent on those 1 Crore . Total 6 crores people live on gold trade . our F M is doing more harm to the Govt & BJP than Congress & all other opposition parties . Why PM is not intervening and offering an acceptable solution to the gold trade ? The same community voted in masses to see Modi Ji as PM but after formation of Govt., Finance Minister has been a failure on all fronts . Whether price rise , weakening of Rupee against USD , On the contrary we are paying more taxes now than UPA time . One mindless decision is responsible to collapse gold trade which gives revenue of over Rs. 30,000 crores to Govt alone . FM is trying to kill Golden Goose in a hurry to mope up tax collection blindly . This wrong decision to impose excise duty on gold trade will go totally against BJP in coming election of Bengal , Assam , Kerala , UP & more …… The whole community is against BJP on this issue and on strike for over 40 days . Govt is the biggest looser of revenue due to strike . Hope PM will gave a patient hearing and offer an acceptable solution to break ice . No hope from FM due to his adamant & arrogant attitude . He is is the biggest failure in the NDA Cabinet and must be removed by the PM due to irreparable damage being done to Indian Economy. Some blunders of F M …. No increase in basic exemption limit in Income tax , Dividend is taxable in the hand of recipient , Service tax is now killing @ 15% , Deposit rate down , Highest prices of petro products despite crude prices falling to 30% …. List can be endless which will speak on the total failue of our Finance Minister . We have the last hope from our beloved & respected P M —– Jai Hind[/pullquote]

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