A Hindu-Muslim couple in love for 12 years want to get married – Local BJP leader screams Love Jihad

According to a report by NewsMinute, Ashita and Shakeel, who are both MBA graduates, have been in love for 12 years and decided to get married. In this particular case, their parents had also consented to the wedding and the two of them are already engaged and were to be married on April 17th. However, a group of people including a BJP member, went to Ashita’s house in Mandya and lectured her father about ‘love jihad’ as his daughter was going to marry a Muslim man. Manjunath, a BJP member and former convener of the state unit of the Bajrang Dal, was among the 15 Hindu activists who went to Ashita’s house to lecture her father.

Expectedly, there were some very angry responses on social media regarding this blatant intrusion in to the private lives of people. Here, we carry a small selection.

Film maker Rakesh Sharma writes:

[pullquote align=”full”]Dear 31% who voted for BJP,


Did you vote for empowering VHP, Bajrang Dal, various Babas and other Hindutva troupes? To let them govern each part of our lives – what we can eat, or keep in our fridge, or who to love, who not to marry? Or to be told to avoid shops owned by Muslims, to shun their services as carpenters, electricians and plumbers?


Is this the India you want for yourself and your children?

Sanjaya Kumar Bohidar asks for shunning of all Jihadis who are ‘anti-love’.

[pullquote align=”full”]Shun all the Anti-Love Jihadis.


Don’t dismiss them as just a bunch of idiots.
They are no fringe; they rule.
They decide what you wear, what you eat.
They now want to tell what to read or hear.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat questions the hypocrisy of BJP as to how they carry on this charade called Love Jihad while talking about respecting Ambedkar and the Constitution.

[pullquote align=”full”]They pretend to respect Baba Saheb Ambedkar yet dont respect his views. In the heart of their heart they despise the constitution of India which binds India together and acknowledge rights of individual which Baba Saheb emphasised so much but today the Khapists of Sangh Parivar have targeted the individuals for their thoughts and choices. The PM must educate his party caders to respect constitution and individual choices if he really respect Baba Saheb Ambedkar.
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