Lecturer living in Vadodara, Gujarat, writes a long letter to PM Modi requesting him to act in favour of middle class and poor

A lecturer teaching in S.B. Polytechnic and living in Vadodara has written a long Facebook post requesting PM Modi to not just favour the Industrialists who favoured BJP during elections but also act in the favour of middle class and the lower economic classes of India.

We are reproducing the post verbatim:

[pullquote align=”full”] WHY JAY LALITA IS UNBEATABLE IN TAMIL NADU ??


Since long Miss Jaylalita is ruling smoothly in Tamil Nadu. She is unbeatable by both Congress and BJP.
Reason behind this is Miss Jaylalita is really doing very good things for middle class and poor people of Tamilnadu and not at all doing any show or display or marketing of her services. Hence she is more popular there.
Nardra Modiji must learn from Jaylalita and reduce prices of essential commodities and thereby reduce hardships of middle class and poor people of India . Right now Narendra Modiji is doing very good jobs for all Industrialists who have favoured BJP during election by raising election funds. But it is high time for Narendra Modiji to reduce prices and work in favour of middle class and poor people. Just delivering goody goody lectures for “MAN KI BAT” every Sunday will not help. Now it is time to act in favour of middle class and poor people of India.
If Narendra Modiji can do following things which he has already promised but not done so far :
1 He has not reduced prices of essential commodities.
2. Though promised before election, he has not extended Income Tax limit as promised viz up to Rs 5 lakhs. Simply giving relief of Rs.3000 can not suffice.
3. He has not given any benefits to Senior Citizens who are retired and surviving on interest on Fixed Deposits amount only. Earlier rate of interest on FD was 11%. Now rate of interest on FD is 7%. This has made life of these senior citizens very miserable. Right now farmers are making suicide. Later on these Senior Citizens will be forced to make suicide. Is it a example of ” Good Governance “???
4. Now 7th Pay Commission is required to be implemented. But as per 6th Pay Commission, all employees are suppose to get gratuity amount of Rs 10 lakhs. However , those employees who have retired between 1-1-2006 to 13-4-2009 have received Rs. 3.5 lakhs only as gratuity amount , though they have received other benefits of 6th Pay Commission. Such left out issues are required to be yet addressed.
5. He should reduce taxations . Why Indians are forced to pay so many taxes like Excise Duty, Sales Tax, Custom Duty, VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax, Property Tax, Education Tax, Surcharge, Additional charge on Surcharge, etc etc. At present every Indian is already forced to pay @ 65% from his income as various taxes. Now new tax has been introduced viz 0.5% for cleanliness.
On the other hand ,all politicians are exempted from various taxes and they are getting various free of charge services. “Saliyana” of our Kings have been forced to vanished. But this Saliyana (free services) to all our politicians are continuing since long.
6. It is also not understood when so many sweepers are employed .They are paid salaries also. Then why this addition charge for cleanliness on people??
Further when “Life Time Road tax “is already recovered from vehicle owners why we should pay “Toll taxes” on every high way roads??? There are incidences that though contractual obligations are already over , still Toll taxes are being recovered from people because various politicians are involved in these recoveries.
7. Narendra Modiji has done lots of favours to rich peoples like Ambani, Adani Baba Ramdev, etc etc . But now he must reduce prices of essential commodities and reduces hardships of common man of India..
8 . He has not taken any stern action on those UPA leaders who are involved in various Scams after Scams.
9. In India 80 % population is very poor. Most of them are hand to mouth. Hence for all old aged poor people’s days are becoming from bad to worst now a days. Under the circumstances , when ever they are facing acute disease problems like cancer, bye-pass surgery or so , they can not afford for any medical treatments. Their children though they want to do some thing for their parents , can not do any thing. If Shri Narendra Modiji can grant “RIGHT TO DIE PEACEFULLY” for all poor and middle class people , it will be boon for our society.
If Narendra Modiji can do aforesaid things then he can rule as Prime Minister for next more than ten years…….!!!

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