Modi vs Trudeau comparisons abound after Canadian PM Trudeau’s answer about Quantum Physics goes viral

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau recently announced a $50 million investment in the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics for facilitating cutting-edge research in fundamental physics. After the announcement, during the question and answer session, a journalist jokingly asked – “I was going to ask you to explain quantum computing, but…. haha…”. To everyone’s surprise, the Canadian PM launched into an answer and the video of Justin Trudeau explaining what Quantum states are has gone viral. (watch video above)

This is the answer that left the audience stunned:

[pullquote align=”full”]Normal computers work, either there’s power going through a wire or not. It’s one or a zero, they’re binary systems. What quantum states allow for is much more complex information to be encoded into a single bit. A regular computer bit is either a one or a zero: on or off. A quantum state can be much more complex than that because as we know, things can be both particle and wave at the same times, and the uncertainty around quantum states allows us to encode more information into a much smaller computer. So that’s what’s exciting about quantum computing.[/pullquote]

Consequently, many in India started comparing Canadian PM’s impromptu answer to the question about Quantum Physics to Mr Modi’s comments on scientific issues including his comments on climate change, ganesha being a case of plastic surgery and the mythological character Karna being a case of genetic engineering and so on. Facebook page ‘Thinking Ape’ put up a video juxtaposing Mr Modi’s comments on plastic surgery and Trudeau’s comments on quantum physics.

This particular comparison of Mr Modi’s comment about super computing wherein he states “Super computer will do super computing and will be the reason for super commitment” and Justin Trudeau’s comment on quantum physics became viral soon after.


There were also many critical comments about Mr Modi’s approach to science and his penchant of clubbing mythology and science.

Alok Jagdhari says:

[pullquote align=”full”]The curious tale of two Prime Ministers
One who understands quantum computing
And the other who can’t find his school leaving certificate

Suchismit Mahapatra says:

[pullquote align=”full”]I am like wow after this. Had read about the great Dinanath Batra and his rubbish of having airplanes (think: garuda viman), artificial insemination (think: birth of karna) and plastic surgery (think: ganesh and the elephant head) in ancient india, who was actually forging what books students would read in schools in gujarat and haryana etc. But I had never imagined our prime minister utter the same words. Our prime minister. The most important person in our country at least theoretically.


I mean my respect for my prime minister knows no bounds anymore. Tacit support of some supposedly sanghi intellectual with a twisted ideology is one thing, blurting out the exact same mythical stories on a world stage in front of dignitaries is a world apart. Everyone at that instant would have been able to judge the depth of the problem facing India. And would be asking themselves. Did India really vote for this man ? Seriously.[/pullquote]

Utkarsh Kumar says:

[pullquote align=”full”]Though knowledge of science or physics is no prerequisite for being a leader. We should not judge our leaders in them.


But as a leader, prime minister, and ex-officio chairperson of Indian Science Congress, Supreme Leader should have refrained for the verification of myth without proper knowledge.[/pullquote]

Amitava Mukherjee says:

[pullquote align=”full”]We can laugh on the difference of the two PM. We can say one is educated well versed in technology and will take his country forward where as the other is of course uneducated, uncouth and believer of mythology which can only take us backwards or at the most stagnate.[/pullquote]

Rajiv Sharma says:

[pullquote align=”full”]Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau versus Indian Prime Minister. One shows his flair for scientific temper and Technology & knows a bit about next generation Quantum computing, Watch the other. The less said the better.


Some of us may laugh on this. But actually our head hangs in shame.[/pullquote]

Not so long ago, Trudeau had himself created a controversy of sorts by comparing himself with Mr Modi when he had said “I have more Sikhs in my cabinet than PM Modi”. This time around, his stunning riposte has started yet another comparison of Mr Modi and himself. This is probably going to happen again as the Canadian PM continues to become very popular on social media, a space Mr Modi successfully captured on his way to becoming the PM of India.

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