Open letter to Narendra Modi and Ravi Shankar Prasad from Andaman regarding extreme internet issues on the islands

Vaibhav Singh, who according to his Facebook profile lives in Chennai and hails from Port Blair, has written a long open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Communitcations and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad regarding the extreme internet issues that everyone has to face in the Andamans and why as a result they are completely cut off from the world and the Indian main land. Why as a result, news of injustice and crime in the Andamrans never reaches the mainland.

Here’s his letter.

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Hi Everyone !


Ny name is Vaibhav Singh. I am a resident of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Yeah Andaman is a tourist spot. Well here is what I wanna say.
We at Andaman are suffering from a very big epidemic . The epidemic name is “Internet”.
You know the max internet speed is 2kbps. And they are termed as 3G net speed.
We at Andaman are totally disconnected to the rest part of the country. No proper mainland media facility . no proper internet service nothing. We suffer a lot. As internet is now a very basic n important thing. We request, govt of India to listen to our plea. In according to this we had even filed an online petition. But still no response from the authority.


When asked about the ways to the respective MP of our islands on social media . he blocked me from his official group n friend this a way a government representative behaves with a citizen of his constituency.
Modi sir even I had tweete u n Ravi Sir many a times but den never got your reply.
Sir we ain’t burning busses or destroying public properties. We are a peaceful people. Please provide us internet .
Your party manifesto in our islands highlighted that optical cable lines will be installed soon, but it never happened. When asked about it Shri Bishnu Pada Ray ji blocked me in social media Facebook. It was so rude. Why don’t they respect the citizens. This not the way to respond by blocking us. So in that case your party MP is promoting dat let it b anything we won’t listen to the citizen.
It’s bad. Staying in a democratic country where we can’t ask our representative a question. Very sorry sir but then your party is losing its prestige cuz of people.
Sir why is then Havelock provided with such a speed satellite link n not Port Blair.
In his letter to HRD ministry , our MP sir has mentioned saying that ” children didn’t study properly cuz of Internet issues “, but then y was 2mbps bandwidth provided at Havelock during exams. The same could have been transmitted to the head quarters at Port Blair.
Few days back there was a news that central govt would be sending few counsellors n representative from Andaman to Spain to get SMARTY city development idea from.a seminar organised there at Spain. But then y ???
R the counsellors so technically versed to understand the SMARTY city idea. Can scholars from outside be bought first to Andaman, to study the ways that can be adopted depending upon the geographical structure and conditions of Andaman Islands.
The trip would cost 45 lakhs, don’t you think it’s a total wastage of money ?. Sir we need persons very well technically advanced. HW cn u expect a common man to get so well versed in technology without doing a research on that field.
Sir my only request is to please provide our islands with better net connectivity.
Hope our plea is heard soon.
We are a group of peaceful people staying in a peaceful Islands.
Sir we request you to think about our islands.


Sir do u know how many rape, child abuse, murder and accident cases have been registered at our islands ??? No you won’t know sir cuz our islands are not connected to our world cuz we lack internet services.


No mainland media ever bothered to come Andaman n cover such cases. They can show all the rubbish but not a single news from Andaman.


Please don’t disconnect us from the world. Help us, provide us with internet facility.


Hope to hear from u soon.


Thanking you


Vaibhav Singh
Youth of Andaman.


Jai Hind

Vaibhav has started a petition on to bring this issue into public light. Do sign it if you support this issue. Meanwhile, he has received an automatic-response from the ministry, a screenshot of which he posted on his Facebook profile and is attached here.


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