A photograph of the Bombay Stock Exchange has been circulated widely on multiple social media and messaging platforms, which shows the electronic billboard of the exchange displaying the text ‘DONT VOTE FOR MODI’.

Mumbai ke share bazaar ne bhi ab likh diya
Don’t vote for Modi
Zoom karo aur dekho

Posted by Deen aur Duniya on Thursday, April 18, 2019

The above post is by a Facebook page Deen aur Duniya, and has been shared a whopping 14000 times since it was posted on April 1. The page has over 480,000 followers. The same image with the identical message has been posted on some other pages as well. The image has been shared widely on WhatsApp. Several followers reached out to Alt News seeking confirmation about the veracity of the picture.

Photoshopped image by Kunal Kamra

The picture of the Bombay Stock Exchange which has been circulating on social media is photoshopped. It was tweeted by stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra on April 14.

Kamra had tweeted several photographs which were photoshopped with the words ‘Dont Vote for Modi’, in a dig at the Prime Minister and the ruling party. The photos were in the nature of sarcasm, as Kamra had tweeted them with the words “These photos are as real as Modiji’s promises…”. Some of the other motifs that Kamra had used included the recent image of the black hole, and a photograph of protests against the Simon Commission, of 1927 (posted below).

Kamra’s humour however has not gone down too well with the BSE, which has tweeted that it “reserves the right to take appropriate legal action”.

In response, Kamra has clarified that the photograph was meant to be a joke.

The comparison of the original image vs the photoshopped one can be seen below.

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