A video of Congress MP Navjot Singh Sidhu chanting “Allah-o Akhbar” to a crowd of people which is repeating then slogan after him is viral on social media. Among those who circulated the clip was an individual user Trajan Raj whose post received over 17,000 shares. “अब क्या अब तो कांग्रेस खुलेआम “#अल्लाह_हू_अकबर” बोलने कह रही! (What now that Congress is openly chanting Allah-o Akhbar!)”

अब क्या अब तो कांग्रेस खुलेआम “#अल्लाह_हू_अकबर” बोलने कह रही!

Posted by राजन राज on Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The clip is viral on Facebook.

It has also been circulated on Twitter.

Clipped video

The 16-second video viral on social media has been lifted from a 33:35-minute long speech that Sidhu gave in Kishanganj during a Congress rally. At around 31:24, the Congress MP can be heard saying, “Raise both your hands and chant. We’ll first raise the slogans of Sikhs, then our Muslim brothers and then Hindus. We’ll raise all slogans.” Sidhu goes on to say “Bole So Nihaal”, followed by three chants of “Allah-o Akhbar”. He subsequently says that we are one and asks the crowd to raise their hands and say “Bharat Mata ki Jai”. This video was earlier fact-checked by Boomlive.

Therefore, while Navjot Singh Sidhu raised the chants of “Allah-O Akhbar”, he also raised other slogans like “Bole Sonihal” and “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.

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