A CCTV clip of a group of young men participating in a birthday celebration is viral on social media. The video shows the youth giving the birthday boy ‘birthday bumps’ by repeatedly hitting and kicking him, to the point where he falls unconscious. Sharing the video, users are claiming that the birthday boy in the video died as a result of his friends’ actions and warn against following such tradition.

Several users are also blaming Western culture while amplifying the visuals. Alt News received multiple requests to verify them on our WhatsApp helpline number (+91 76000 11160).


At the end of the 3:13 video being circulated on Facebook, a screen appears which states that the video was made for educational purposes only. In addition, it is also mentioned that the scenes were made as part of a scripted drama.

We noticed that a Facebook page called Hamsa Nandini posted this video on November 28. The caption was identical to the text that appeared at the bottom of the aforementioned end screen.

The page has previously shared several such CCTV videos, mentioning that they were created for educational purposes only. This confirms that the scenes in the viral video are fictional and have no basis in reality.

Alt News has earlier debunked many such scripted videos which were mistakenly shared as real. A few of these are given below:

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