A video claiming that the Indian Independence Day was marked at London’s Trafalgar Square with fighter jets making a tricolour in the sky, is viral on social media. The video shows jets emerging behind a large building and leave a dazzling display of orange, green and white colours in the sky. The text accompanying the video reads, “Request everyone to watch this 1 minute video without miss. This is an amazing forward from Trafalgar square, London during the celebration of India’s Independence Day. Jai Hind.”

The same video is viral on facebook and twitter

Neither Indian Independence day nor Trafalgar Square

Alt News fact-check found that the viral video is neither a celebration of Indian Independence day nor does it feature Trafalgar Square.

A simple reverse image search established that the building in the video is not the Trafalgar Square but Piazza Venezia in Rome.

Italy celebrates its Republic Day on June 2 every year. The event is marked by a flyover performed by the Italian Air Force aerobatic unit, Frecce Tricolour. It may be noted that the Italian flag has colours that appear similar to the Indian flag hence it is easy to make a false claim that it is the Indian Independence Day is marked by the flying display.

The display can be seen in picture tweeted by the Italian Air Force. The Italian flag is also clearly visible in the image.

Italian Air Force tweets videos of the flying display by Frecce Tricolor every year. A video tweeted by them of the ceremony in 2019 can be seen below:

The same video was viral on social media as Indian Independence Day at Trafalgar Square, London in 2018 as well and it is not clear who started this false claim.

A video is of Italian Republic Day being celebrated in Italy with a flying display by the Italian Air Force is viral in India as a Celebration of the Indian Independence Day. The claim is false.