A video that shows a group of young men who appear to be celebrating a woman’s birthday is viral on social media. Apart from her, there is one more woman in the video. The phrase “Beware of Jihadi” has been added to the bottom of the video. It shows the men spiking the cake which causes the women to lose consciousness. The video has been used to target the Muslim community.

Twitter users @jhuleDhotiRam, @BharatK00741911, @P_Katyayan, and @PMPATEl1969 were among the several people who shared the video suggesting that the men who drugged the women hail from the Muslim community.

Several Facebook users also shared it.

Using CrowdTangle, a social media analysis tool, we found that it was posted in several groups with thousands of members — ‘Sudarshan News‘ [over 1 lakh], members ‘support Mr. Sonam Wangchuk‘ [over 70,000 members]; and ‘BENGAL TIGER NEXT CM OF BENGAL (suvendu adhikari)‘ [18,000 members].

There are also a few users who did not promote the anti-Muslim claim but believed the incident to be true.

Video verification

Off late, scripted dramas posted by popular Facebook pages are being reshared with misleading narratives.

This video was uploaded by a verified Facebook user Sanjjanaa Galrani where she has clarified that it represents a scripted drama. “Thank you for watching! Please be aware that this page features scripted dramas and parodies as well. These short films are for entertainment & educational purposes only,” reads its caption.

In recent the past, Alt News has documented similar videos misused to build a narrative targeting the Muslim community.

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