Surya Pratap Singh, a retired IAS officer (as per his Twitter bio), posted a 10-second clip and wrote, “Kasganj gang-rape victim and her mother were crushed to death by a car after they went to register a complaint in the police station.” Singh also used the hashtag #EndYogisRapeRaj. This video gained about 2.5 lakh views. (archived link)

(Translated from कासगंज में गैंग रेप की पीड़िता व उसकी माँ जब थाने शिकायत लिखने गयी तो दोनों को गाड़ी से कुचल के मार दिया गया l)

The video has been shared along with the identical Hindi text on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook page रंगा बिल्ला (Ranga Billi) post gathered over 25,000 shares (archived link). Similarly, Kamal Kumar Nagal, who is an Indian National Congress member (as per Facebook bio), also posted the video. (archived link)

Video from July

Alt News performed Google search using keywords “Kasganj gang rape hit and run” and found a bulletin by India TV which aired in July earlier this year. The bulletin also shows visuals from the viral video at around the 1:30 mark.

As per India TV, the incident is indeed from Kasganj where a 17-year-old Dalit girl and her 40-year-old mother were killed in a hit and run incident. The victims died on the spot. The person who was driving the truck was Yashveer, one of the men accused of raping the girl a few years ago. Superintendent of Police (SP), Kasganj told India TV that the incident took place in Amapur area. As per the SP, Yashveer and his brother ran over the victims with a tractor at night. Times Now, India Today and ABP also reported that Yashveer was accused of killing the duo.

Kasganj SP told The Indian Express that the victim’s father was jailed for allegedly killing Yashveer’s father in 2016 over a financial quarrel. Two months after this incident, the son of the murdered man allegedly kidnapped the victim, who was 13 at the time. She was rescued by the police a few days later. In her statement, she had alleged that three men raped her in 2016. This was also reported by Times Now and Deccan Herald.

Additionally, Kasganj Police responded to Singh’s tweet, “The case is old and registered under FIR 130/20 section 302,427 at Amapur police station. The accused named by the local police has been arrested and sent to jail, the charge sheet has been sent to the Honorable Court.”

(Translated from प्रकरण पुराना है जिसमे थाना अमापुर पर अभियोग संख्या 130/20 धारा 302,427 भादवि पंजीकृत कर स्थानीय पुलिस द्वारा नामजद अभियुक्त को गिरफ्तार कर जेल भेज कर आरोप पत्र माननीय न्यायालय प्रेषित किया जा चुका है ।”)

Alt News spoke with Kasganj SP who said, “The victims were killed on the night of July 14, 2020. Yashveer is in jail for the last three months. The chargesheet has been sent to the district court and proceedings are going on for both gang-rape and murder.” The officer also added, “The victim’s family had registered the complaint about the gang-rape in 2016. They didn’t register any complaint in 2020.”

Therefore, social media claims are partially true. The video shows the scenes after a teenager and her mother were killed in a hit and run incident in July 2020. Yashveer, who was arrested in the matter, was also accused of raping the teenager in 2016.

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