In the last two weeks, at least two instances of poor suffering to accommodate PM Modi’s expansive election rallies have come forth. For PM Modi’s 27th February rally in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, wheat farmers lost many acres of their crop as they had to prematurely harvest their crop. This issue was covered by ABP News, a video of which can be seen below.

Farmers were forced harvest their premature wheat crop due to Narendra Modi's rally in Mau, Uttar Pradesh on 27th Feb, 2017.

Posted by Alt News on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Yet another video of the poorest of poorest losing their hutments was also circulated on social media a couple of weeks ago. In the video below, one can see how people are complaining about how their hutments, specifically those of the Muslim families, were demolished in order to accommodate PM Modi’s rallies.

People complain about huts being demolished due to a Narendra Modi rally (undated video)

Posted by Alt News on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Back in Feb 2016, for a PM Modi rally in Madhya Pradesh, a farmer was forced to cut down 15 acres of his standing wheat crop thus leading to losses.

In December 2016, several school children had to miss school because their school buses had to get busy for political duties of PM Modi’s rally.

School children missed school due to PM Modi's rally

A man who came to power with the slogan of ‘Achhe Din’ is bringing ‘Bure Din’ for the poor, farmers and students who live in the vicinity of his rallies, the very rallies in which he appeals to people to vote again for BJP for more ‘Achhe Din’.