दिल्ली के लोगों ने समझ लिया है कि @INCIndia और @SheilaDikshit सिर्फ़ वोटकटवा हैं। अगर यकीन नहीं आता तो ये 24 सेकंड का वीडियो देखिए। आज के #AAPkaManifesto के बाद जो 2-3% लोग कांग्रेस को वोट दे सकते थे, वो भी नहीं देंगे।

Translation: People of Delhi have understood that @INCIndia and @SheilaDikshit are merely vote-cutters. If you dont believe it then watch this 24 second video. After today’s #AAPkaManifesto, the 2-3% people who would have voted for Congress will now not.

The above message has been tweeted by Ankit Lal, the social media in-charge of the Aam Aadmi Party, along with a short video clip showing former Delhi CM and senior Congress leader Sheila Dikshit.

The video clip is a report of NDTV India, and begins with Sheila Dikshit appealing to the crowd to wait at least till Rahul Gandhi speaks. The report then shows a stream of people leaving the venue where the Congress party had held a rally, and talks about a worried Shiela Dikshit as the turnout at the rally, which was held at Ambedkar nagar, was poor. The tweet refers to the Congress party as a vote katua, incapable of garnering the popular mandate in Delhi for the Lok Sabha election of 2019. Delhi will vote on May 12, in the sixth phase of polling.

Video is of 2013

The video which has been posted by Lal on his Twitter account is not a recent news report. It is from November 2013. NDTV had reported on the turnout at the Congress party’s rally in Ambedkar Nagar, ahead of the 2013 assembly election which took place in December that year. INC was the biggest loser in the election, plunging from 43 seats to 8. The video of the NDTV report is posted below.

In conclusion, an old video of a news report from 2013 was posted by AAP’s social media in-charge to make it seem as if the Congress party is in a highly disadvantageous position in the capital ahead of the Lok Sabha election.

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