BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya shares affectionate pictures of Nehru with his sister and niece, claims this is Hardik Patel’s DNA

“It seems Hardik has more of Nehru’s DNA, contrary to what @shaktisinhgohil claimed,” tweeted BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya along with a collage of pictures of Jawaharlal Nehru with different women. Even though Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always paid lip service to Nehru, the views of his party colleagues about India’s first Prime Minister have been no secret. Social media is full of derogatory statements and morphed pictures of Nehru circulated by his party supporters. Malviya seems to be offended by these nine pictures that led him to make insinuations linking Hardik Patel’s alleged sex CD to Nehru’s DNA. Let us take a closer look at these pictures to understand their context and see if there is anything offensive about them.


This is not the first time that these pictures of Nehru with women have found their way to social media. These published pictures that have been in public space for years are often used by BJP supporters to portray Nehru as a womanizer. Is Malviya offended because Nehru has been photographed with women? Is he offended that Nehru seems at ease in the presence of women? Is he offended because a few of them are showing affection towards him? Is he offended because he is seen as lighting a cigarette? We are unclear what goes on in a so-called nationalist mind when he looks at these pictures. Let us look at them one by one…

Pic 1:

The woman giving Nehru a peck on his cheek in full public view is none other than his sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit. In 1949, Pandit was India’s ambassador to the United States. In the picture she is seen as welcoming her brother on his state visit to the US. As IT cell head, does Malviya not know that this is a picture of Nehru’s sister or is he deliberately hiding this fact?

In style Nehru meets sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit on his 1949 US visit
Nehru meets sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit on his 1949 US visit

Pic 2:

This is a picture of Nehru sharing a lighter moment with Edwina Mountbatten in public. Is that not allowed as per Malviya’s rule-book?

Nehru with Edwina Mountbatten
Nehru with Edwina Mountbatten

Pic 3:

Here is Nehru’s sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit once again. The picture is of the time when she was the Ambassador to Russia and is being received by her brother at Delhi Airport.

Nehru with sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit
Nehru with sister Vijaylakshmi Pandit

Pic 4:

Nehru is seen as smoking here. We are unclear what prompted Malviya to link his smoking with Hardik Patel’s DNA.

Nehru smoking
Nehru smoking

Pic 5:

This is a picture of Nehru is congratulating Mrinalini Sarabhai after the Manushya performance in Delhi in 1948. As outlined in an article by Mint, “Mrinalini Sarabhai had a double connection with Jawaharlal Nehru—her mother Ammu Swaminadhan was a freedom fighter and a politician who knew Nehru well; her husband Vikram Sarabhai’s family too had a close association with him”. Sarabhai told MintIn those days, Kathakali was not approved of and not many people appreciated it, especially in Delhi. But Jawaharji came for the performance and afterwards he came to see me. He hugged me and congratulated me. There is a photograph of us together.” Little did she know that 70 years later, some perverted minds will circulate this picture to malign her and Nehru.

Nehru is congratulating Mrinalini Sarabhai after the Manushya performance in Delhi
Nehru congratulating Mrinalini Sarabhai after the Manushya performance in Delhi

Pic 6:

Jacqueline Kennedy visited India in 1962. In this picture, Nehru is applying a ceremonial “tilak” to American First lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Is that also offensive to Amit Malviya?

Prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru appliying tilak on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis first Lady of the United States. Express archive photo

Pic 7:

So we know from picture 4 that Nehru smoked. Here he is lighting a cigarette for Mrs. Simon, the wife of the British Deputy High Commissioner, on board the first BOAC flight in India.

Prime Minister Nehru with Mrs. Simon, the wife ofthe British Deputy High Commissioner, on board the first BOAC flight in India

Pic 8:

Nehru is seen in this picture with Edwina Mountbatten’s 18 year-old daughter. Mountbatten’s youngest daughter Pamela Mountbatten is with her parents, bidding good bye to Pandit Nehru in New Delhi.

Lady Pamela Mountbatten, with her parents, bidding good-bye to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in New Delhi. | Photo Credit: — HINDU PHOTO ARCHIVES

Pic 9:

In this picture, Nehru is being given a kiss by his niece Nayantara Sehgal on his arrival at London airport in 1955. You can also see Sehgal’s mother, Vijaylakshmi Pandit who was the High Commissioner to UK at that time.

Nehru being kissed by his niece Nayantara Sehgal
Nehru being kissed by his niece Nayantara Sehgal

To sum up the collage, three pictures where women are seen as showing affection towards Pandit Nehru by hugging or kissing him are pictures of his sister and niece. They point to nothing more than a natural and close family bond. It takes a sick mind to make insinuations using these pictures. But this, Ladies and gentleman, is no random social media troll that we are talking about. The person is no other than Amit Malviya, the Head of the IT wing on India’s ruling party. With office bearers of the ruling party indulging in such attempts to malign India’s past prime ministers, it is no wonder that the level of political discourse in India is considered at an all-time low.

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25 Comments on "BJP IT cell head Amit Malviya shares affectionate pictures of Nehru with his sister and niece, claims this is Hardik Patel’s DNA"

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Raj Baral

I think Amit Malviya is an ill minded person. He need a regular psychiatrist counseling otherwise it will become a chronic disease.

Sandeep Bnasal

Mr. Pervert Malviya should get himself admitted into a mental asylum…


This tweet shows how deeply perversion and blind hatred towards Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru have entered into the psyche of the RSS/ BJP leaders. Of course, the politics of leakage of the dirty CDs, which is now being played almost before every state assembly elections since 2014, is another example of this perverted world outlook of these group of people. If we need that India should shine as 21st century nation, this regressive outlook must be challenged and eliminated immediately.

John Abram

Bigger problem is not BJP/RSS, it is the support these perversions are getting from Indian society are bothersome. Bad days ahead for India. Very bad days.

Wilfred Raj David

They get the support mostly because there is nobody to expose the truth. The general public think these might be true. People have a tendency to fall for unknown facts. So they easily share such information over social media. Even after the exposure, these pictures are still being circulated in social media.

If it wasn’t for Nehru and Congress, RSS/BJP would have turned India into Hindu version of Pakistan and destroyed india. Which is why RSS/BJP hate Nehru and Congress. Dont know how dumb/retarded or clueless do people have to be to fall for RSS’s whatsapp and social media propaganda/distortions and lies to defame India’s first and greatest PM, who also laid the foundation for modern India. Nehru is not without fault, nor is anyone in this world. But his positive contributions far outweigh his mistakes. Nehru of 1947 appears more classy, progressive and modern than bumbling fool modi appears today in… Read more »

Well said!..


NEhru is till date best PM India ever has. Modi n bjp cant digest this. If you want to counter him, pls create more technical institutions than him

Rahul Gandhi

Best PM for China and Pak., Agreed

K S Ravichandran

Only sick mind will find fault with these


Small minds have great difficulty navigating large thoughts. You go E=(MC squared) before a kindergarten class.

PakChipak RajaBabu

Most of these gau-rakshaks have been deprived of any form of love from their friends and or family. Hence they grow up to become perverts and snoop into other people’s lives, remember their supreme leader snooping on a lady half his age or for that matter him peeping into Manmohan’s bathroom.

Rakesh Agrawal

It shows their sheer desperation as they have seen the writing on the wall, so for a state election, they can fall to any level!


The RSS and Bjp mind needs to fully checked IN AGRA PAGALKHANA for sanity, beheading of Bhansali, cutting of Deepika nose signs and no lawa and order action against Karni sena


Amit Malviya should check for his own DNA as well. Is his DNA accounted for?

Overseas Open Minded India
Overseas Open Minded India

India appears to be going down the sinkhole with perverted and narrow minded people in the current leadership. There’s nothing wrong with any of the pictures, but rather the issue is with the perverse narrow minded creatures in the current BJP ministry.

Reyaz Azmi

Jawaharlal Nehru and his colleagues in Congress were the best of political class this country had till today. RSS founders and any of their people are nothing compared to them. They were intellectuals. Today the only success of RSS/BJP depends on communal polarisation.

Hemant Chawla

Lulli khadi hona alag masla hi..aur rahshrwad alag….jo aaj roti kha bhi rahe ho wo bhi nehru ki den hi…nahi to musalaman aur angrez 700 saal lootne k bad kya chod k gaye the…1947 main poore bharat main 1000 vahan nahi the..aaj 10 carode vaahan hain india main..desh ne itni tarakki ki k kisi aazadi paane wale desh ne nahi ki…


Shame on you Amit Malviya – you and your party can drop to the lowest depths to win elections….people of India are not fools and you shall and will get a befitting reply in the Gujarat elections


Though I would love to see Congress win…. Don’t think it’s possible …. At best a reduction in bjps vote

Kuljeet SINGH

Love/affection is the Most precious, most pious, most valuable feeling. One who doesn’t / can’t appreciate this is a lesser human being.


Very Correct! That’s what make one feel even more sick that certain people want these affectionate moments to be JUSTIFIED! How bankrupt they might be!


There are stories about Nehru,s character and his relationship with Padmaja Naidu ,Edwina.His daughter was thrown out of Shantiniketan for lack of character.

Lokall Yokell

There should be an offshoot of twitter, named chhittar, where obnoxious tweets should be roasted , “visibly” if need be, until the tweet “shrivels” and eventually “dies”.

A person assuming so much from so few photographs is a no good bully and its time we called these louts out for perverting the discourse in such a singularly vile manner. And I do worry for the people he is in proximity to. Kids, especially, should not have to deal with such sociopathic attitudes.

Wow!! New levels of perversion. Even if all those pictures were of Nehru’s Lovers, How does it make any point? What’s our claim over Nehru’s personal life? If the women don’t have any issue, why is malviya feeling so harassed on women’s behalf? Further, he probably just shot from his hip OR had total confidence on the stupidity of his followers that no one would know who all these women were. BTW Mr. Malviya, Nehru comes out as a warm, affectionate, dynamic personality through this collage. Thankful to you to bring this out. But yes, the picture changes completely when… Read more »