BJP Bhopal IT Cell district coordinator Dhruv Saxena along with 10 others we’re booked under SEC 122 and 123 of IPC, which deal with collecting arms, information for waging war against the country.

As reported by various dailies in Madhya Pradesh, about 11 people have been arrested in the latest ISI spying conspiracy. According to DBPost, they were facilitating ISI by providing crucial information about Indian Army deployments. These men had been clandestinely operating various mediums to send classified information out to their Pakistan handlers. DBPost also reported that three of the detainees were working as handlers for ISI agents and either were running parallel telecom exchanges. We at dug deeper to find more information about at least two of those who have been detained, namely Dhruv Saxena and Mohit Agarwal.

Dhruv Saxena, based on his social media profile, is a BJP/BJYM guy and the co-accused Mohit Agarwal is also friends with Dhruv on social media platform Facebook. While Anshul Tiwari, the BJYM President of Bhopal, refuses to acknowledge that Dhruv Saxena held a position in BJYM Bhopal, the now expired website retrieved from Google Cache clearly shows Dhruv as the district coordinator, IT Cell. In fact, the website was made by Dhruv’s company Vocal Heart Infotech and is displayed at the bottom of the website in Google Cache. Dhruv Saxena’s social media profile shows that he’s the Managing Director of Vocal Heart Infotech. Screenshots of the now expired BJYM Bhopal site showing the membership details of Dhruv Saxena and his Facebook work profile can be seen below.

Anshul Tiwari, The BJYM President of Bhopal, refuses to acknowledge that Dhruv Saxena held a position in BJYM Bhopal
The expired BJYM Bhopal site shows membership details of Dhruv Saxena

Pic taken from his Facebook account.

Druv Saxena BJP district coordinator, IT Cell Wishing Anshul Tiwari, The BJYM President on his Birthday.
One more Screenshot from BJYM Bhopal now expired website

Druv Saxena also seen with BJP National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya.

Seen with National General Secretary of BJP Kailash Vijayvargiya.

One more Pic with Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

An old pic with Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan

So, the above information proves without a shadow of doubt that Dhruv Saxena is involved with BJP and has access to its topmost leaders.
So, Yes, BJP which keeps raising the national-anti-national debate every single day has a ISI operative in their ranks standing shoulder to shoulder with their senior most leaders.

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