January 14, 2020 marks one year since the Pulwama terror attack took place. Over 40 CRPF personnel were martyred in the attack. Several people have shared a CCTV video which shows a convoy of vehicles in the distance before a huge explosion takes place. This is claimed to be from the Pulwama terror attack in 2019.

A Twitter user posted the video and wrote, “RIP: We remember always 14 Feb #PulwamaAttack #NationSalutesCRPF.”

Another user tweeted the 1:19 minute video with the Hindi text, “शहीदों की चिताओं पर लगेंगे हर बरस मेले! वतन पे मरने वालों का यही आखिरी निशां होगा!! #पुलवामा में शहीद जवानो को शत शत नमन #PulwamaNahinBhulenge.” This video uses 10 seconds of the viral CCTV video. It was retweeted 100 times.

Alt News has received several requests to fact-check the images on WhatsApp (+91 76000 11160) and on our official mobile application.

Old video from Iraq

Alt News broke the video into keyframes and reverse searched one of them on Google. The result suggested that this video is of an explosion which took place in Iraq.

Alt News found that the earliest instance of this video on YouTube is of March 5, 2008, when it was uploaded with the title ‘Truck Bomb’. All the descriptions of the video that we found online said that the incident took place in Iraq. The video is more than 10 years old and is obviously in no way related to Pulwama.

Therefore the social media claim that the viral video is related to Pulwama is false. Last year, two videos went viral with a similar.

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