A video of a speech delivered by Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal is making the rounds on social media. It is being claimed that while addressing a rally in Kolkata ahead of the 2019 general elections, Kejriwal stated that Pakistan would be destroyed if Narendra Modi and Amit Shah came to power. This claim is being linked to the recent economic crisis in Pakistan.

BJP supporter Renuka Jain tweeted this 20-second video, claiming that at a rally in Kolkata ahead of the 2019 polls, Arvind Kejriwal claimed that Pakistan would be destroyed if Modi won. (Archived link)

BJP Delhi vice-president Vikas Singh Rajput also made the same claim while tweeting this video. (Archived link)

A user named Kashi Wala Pandit also tweeted the viral clip with the same claim. (Archived link)

This video is viral on social media. Several other users also promoted the video and the accompanying claim.

Fact Check

Alt News analyzed the video and discovered that cuts appear in the video on both the times when the word ‘Pakistan’ is mentioned. This means that the video has been tampered with.

We noticed that the name of the channel seen in the video was ‘ETV Telangana’. Using this information, we performed a keyword search on YouTube, which led us to the original video. At the 5:40 mark of this video, Kejriwal states, “The more I think about it, the more my body trembles. Friends, if Modi and Amit Shah come again in 2019, this country will not survive. They will destroy this country, they will break this country into pieces.

In other words, in his 2019 speech before the general elections, Arvind Kejriwal stated that if Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were re-elected, they would ruin the country. Kejriwal did not say this about Pakistan, and this word has been inserted into the video.

To sum it up, BJP leaders and supporters shared an edited video of Arvind Kejriwal claiming that Pakistan would not survive if Narendra Modi and Amit Shah came to power in 2019. In reality, Kejriwal made the comment in reference to India getting destroyed, not Pakistan.

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