Congress IT cell head tweets photoshopped image drawing a parallel between PM Modi and Hitler

“What are your thoughts?”, tweeted Divya Spandana, social media head of the Congress party, along with two photographs. The photograph on the left is that of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, whereas the one on the right is of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

As can be seen from the picture, both Adolf Hitler and Narendra Modi are seen posing with a child, in a strikingly similar manner. Both can be seen playfully pulling the ears of the child. Spandana’s tweet has been retweeted over 420 times and ‘liked’ over 1400 times since it was posted on April 29.

Photoshopped image

The same image had been circulated by detractors of Narendra Modi in 2018 as well. It was debunked by Alt News.

A reverse image search on Google revealed that Hitler’s image used in the post is photoshopped. In the original image, he is not holding the child’s ears but resting his hands on her shoulders. An article in The Sun has published the original image which was apparently clicked to portray the Nazi leader as a “personal friend and guardian of the German youth”.

Moreover, if one looks closely, PM Modi’s left hand has been photoshopped as Hitler’s right and his right hand as Hitler’s left.

The image tweeted by Divya Spandana is photoshopped. In order to draw a false comparison between PM Modi and Adolf Hitler, the latter’s photograph was tweaked to portray uncanny similarity between the two leaders. Spandana later acknowledged her error.

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