A tweet by Renuka Jain, who is followed by prime minister Narendra Modi, has gained traction not only on Twitter but also on Facebook (archive). In her tweet, Jain claimed that the Congress party had used the same elderly woman for all their photoshoots. “Congress pays her 5000 Rs. per photoshoot,” read her tweet.

From a Facebook page India Against Urban Naxals, the screenshot of Jain’s tweet received over 9,600 shares, in contrast with 1,300 retweets of Jain’s original tweet.

Another page Resurging Hinduism also shared a screenshot of Jain’s tweet, drawing over 1,000 likes.

Screenshots of the tweet are floating on Instagram as well. This was pointed out by a Twitter user.

One of the photographs with a BJP leader

While Congress leaders Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Shashi Tharoor and are easily recognisable, the fourth leader is not even a member of the Congress party. He is the general secretary of BJP Kerala, K Surendran. The image was a part of BJP’s campaign in Pathanamthitta, as per numerous tweets.

Alt News had debunked this misinformation in the past when it was shared sans Priyanka Gandhi’s image, which has been lifted from her recent visit to Kerala.

Not the same woman

All four women might seem alike because of their old age and white hair. A closer look, however, reveals apparent distinctions in physical features. Alt News has juxtaposed photographs of the four women for a clearer view. The second woman was photographed with BJP’s K Surendran and the fourth, with Shashi Tharoor. The third elderly woman is the same who could be seen embracing Rahul Gandhi. We have chosen a different photograph of hers from the images tweeted by Congress for ease of distinction.

The third woman is visibly different from the rest.

The other three women also have distinct physical features. For instance, the one in the middle has more black hair than the other two, and the first woman’s hair seems more voluminous. Another clear difference is the teeth. While the front teeth of the elderly woman in the middle seem blackened, the third one has visibly protruding front teeth. The shape of the nose is distinct as well.

All the four women are, thus, not the same. Moreover, one of them was photographed with BJP Kerala leader K Surendran. The resurfacing of this misinformation suggests a relentless attempt to push the false narrative.

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