Did PM Modi get a girl to call Rahul Gandhi ‘Pappu’? No, its a satirical dubbed video

In a Facebook group, Punya Prasun Bajpai Fans cluban individual user has posted a video of PM Modi with a little girl. “This way the dignity of PM’s post will get erased. It was expected from foolish Modi. Only a lowlife can make a child make sit on his lap and make her utter foul language in a well rehearsed manner. -translated”, was the caption affixed to the video.

In the 23-second clip, the little girl accompanying Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a podium can be heard saying, “Rahul Gandhi pappu hai”. This post has garnered close to 6,200 shares so far. Primarily, the video seems to have been dubbed with some other audio clip and was passed off as satire.

However many social media users fell for the video posted by the Facebook page, believing it to be true.

On Twitter, a user @erbmjha had tweeted the same clip on November 3, 2018 with an indication of the satire.

Another version of the dubbed video was tweeted in response to the aforementioned tweet.

Alt News found the original video posted by the Bharatiya Janata Party’s official YouTube channel on September 18, 2016. As suggested in the caption, “A specially-abled girl reads extract from Ramayana”. At 0:20, the girl starts off by introducing herself after which PM Modi asks her to recite the Ramayana.

Although the video was passed off in a satirical manner, it ended up being mischievously  shared by a Facebook page claiming it to be true. In the past as well, Alt News had found how several users on social media believed that a child said “Modi” in answer to Trump’s question, “who do you like the most?”

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