A viral message on social media claims WikiLeaks revealed that Rahul Gandhi is married to a Colombian woman and has two children who stay in London. “विकीलीक्स ने खुलासा किया है कि राउल विंची शादीशुदा है| इसके 2 बच्चे हैं जो लन्दन में रहते हैं| इसकी बीबी कोलंबियन है| पहली संतान 14 वर्ष का लड़का नियाक है और दूसरी सन्तान माइनक 10 साल की लड़की है| अविवाहित कहकर राहुल गांधी देश को गुमराह कर रहा है| (WikiLeaks has revealed that Rahul Gandhi is married. He has two kids who reside in London. His wife is Colombian. His first child is a 14-year-old son Niyak and the second child is 10-year-old daughter Mainak. Rahul Gandhi is misleading the country is claiming he is unmarried.)” reads the message.

Several individual users on Facebook have circulated the message and Gandhi’s image with a woman.

The message is also viral on Twitter as well.

Fake news

Searching for the alleged ‘exposé’ leads to no relevant results on WikiLeaks. There are also no media reports that mention Rahul Gandhi’s ‘secret’ marriage to a Colombian woman. Moreover, reverse-searching Gandhi’s photograph being shared along with the message reveals that the image was uploaded in 2017. The woman in the photograph is Spanish-American actress Nathalia Ramos.

Ramos had also uploaded the photograph on her Instagram account and captioned it as, “Last night with the eloquent and insightful @rahulgandhi. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to meet and listen to so many brilliant thinkers from all parts and perspectives of the world. It is only with an open mind and open heart that we can really make the world a better place. Thank you @berggrueninst for opening mine. #IdeasMatter

This image was viral earlier this year with a changed narrative claiming that the woman in the photograph was a porn actor. Since the start of the general elections, misinformation related to Rahul Gandhi has been floating on social media. It was earlier claimed that Gandhi was ‘uncourteous’ while handing his nomination papers. Another piece of misinformation claimed that Gandhi’s name was misprinted on a Congress poster. A fake newspaper clipping was also shared in the Congress president’s name.

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