“Each and every custom and ritual of Hindus is steeped in science and every modern Indian achievement is infact a continuation of our ancient India’s scientific achievements. We recently lost a renowned scientist, renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking. He also emphatically said on record that our Vedas might have a theory which is superior to Einstein’s theory of E=mc^2”. These are the words of Union Minister for Science & Technology Dr. Harsh Vardhan. He has made this rather curious claim at the inaugural session of the 105th Indian Science Congress at Imphal on March 16.

Indian Express has reported that when Dr. Harsh Vardhan was asked the source of this information, no clear answer was forthcoming. Alt News decided to look into the basis of this claim. We found that this theory that the Vedas could be the repository of knowledge superior to Einstein’s theory of relativity is not exactly new and has been floating in the public domain for some time now; for example, as posted below on a website www.serveveda.org which calls itself Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas. The article was posted in November 2013.

In order to fact-check the claim, Alt News searched for all the claims prior to 2011 about Hawking, Einstein and E=mc^2 and the Facebook page of hari.scientist shows up as the original source. This was originally pointed out by @sandygrains who is the science editor with the online news portal ThePrint. The above article from serveveda.org too was sourced from this Facebook page.

We also looked up Stephen Hawking’s website to see if there is any reference to the Vedas. We did not find a single mention.

The Facebook page cited above has only about 1500 followers and masquerades as belonging to Professor Hawking. However, the handle of the page is @hari.scientist which clearly indicates that it is not Professor Hawking’s official page. The official Facebook page of Stephen Hawking can be accessed here.

This Facebook post that can be seen below was posted on November 10, 2011. The post refers to the work by Dr. Sakamuri Sivaram Babu while claiming that ‘Vedas might have a superior theory to Einstein’s E=mc^2″.

The above Facebook post is also referred to in the serveveda.org article. Mr Veda Kavi from serveveda had sent an email to Professor Hawking regarding the same. Mr Hawking in his response had expressed regret over his inability to respond to the specific claims attributed to him in the Facebook post of 2011.

That the page does not belong to Stephen Hawking but only has his name was confirmed by the admin of the page himself in a comment on the same post, which can be viewed below.

Einstein’s theory of relativity was transformative, completely altering the way humans look at astronomy and theoretical physics. Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s ludicrous claim made at the inaugural session of the Indian Science Congress is not only ironical but highly embarrassing.

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6 Comments on "Dr. Harsh Vardhan cites fake claim attributed to Stephen Hawking at the Indian Science Congress"

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Rakesh Agrawal

There is nothing new that these morally and intellectually bankrupt sanghis, including our ministers spread lies, even about a great departed soul, I feel like vomiting at his face, after all, this moron said that there is no study that supports the ill-impacts of pollution on our health!


Why these sangis don’t read vedas and make India great

Liaquath Mirza

Right wingers have a strange love hate relationship with science and scientists. They detest scientific fraternity for insisting on empirical evidence by drowning all rational arguments with one master stroke of pulling out the faith card. And yet when it suits their purpose they bring in science and scientists to “prove” that science also backs their beliefs in myths and make believe. It’s always a case of heads I win and tails you lose situation for these simpletons.


Exactly…! They need scientific gadgets to serve their ‘ sanatana ‘ ideas. They need EVMs to come to power …!

Raj Baral

I think, Dr. Harsha Vardhann was celebrating Holi at the inaugural session of the Indian Science Congress, that’s why he made this kind of ludicrous claim. He should have also chant a slogan “Bura Na Mano Yaar Holi Hai.

A gent with MA claims that plastic surgery and genetic engineering were known to ancient scholars – just like someone would believe Godzilla is real because there is a creative work that shows a real city – Tokyo was destroyed by it. A gent with an MPhil claims evolution isn’t true since no one has seen an ape turn to a human coupled with the fact that apes still exist. A gent with a medical science degree really believes that Vedas had a theory better than Einstein’s. I pity the institutes of higher education that hasn’t provided basic grounding that… Read more »