A letter has been doing the rounds on social media, featuring the letterhead of an organisation named The letter, purportedly issued by the “Association of Sunni Muslims” on its letterhead on April 29, states that the association is offering full financial support, including ticket booking and reimbursement of previously booked tickets, to Muslims travelling to Karnataka and other states to vote on May 7. According to the letter, the purpose of the assistance is to defeat fascist forces in the elections and to bring the Congress party, which “is a true friend of Muslims”, to power. The ‘letter’ is being shared with the claim that Congress is receiving support from international Muslim organisations.

right Wing influencer Arun Pudur tweeted the letter, claiming that the Association of Sunni Muslims in Dubai was providing complete financial assistance to Muslims in Karnataka to help Congress form the government. He sarcastically remarked that Hindus were either sleeping at home due to the intense heat or falsely claiming that the prime minister had done nothing for them.

An X handle named Indu Makkal Katchi also tweeted the letter, claiming that the ‘Muslim Board in Karnataka’ was spending money to get Indian Muslims residing in Saudi Arabia to vote for Congress.

A handle known to frequently promote misinformation (@AmitLeliSlayer) also shared the letter on X, claiming that Congress was receiving international support.

BJP supporter Saravanaprasad Balasubramaniam tweeted the letter as well, stating that Sunni Muslims in Dubai planned to reimburse the flight expenses for Muslims participating in the Karnataka elections on May 7 so that they could fly in and vote for Congress.

Fact Check

We performed a Google search and found that the address provided on the letter (#2-11TH STREET KHALID BIN WALEED ROAD PLOT NO. UMM HURAIR ONE DUBAI-UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) was listed as the office address of the Consulate General of Pakistan in Dubai on their official website. This means that this address does not belong to any Sunni Muslim organisation.

Furthermore, there was no information available on the internet about such an organisation.

This letter contains three contact numbers. When we searched these numbers, we found that the first number mentioned in the letter was shared by the company Dallmayr, a coffee vending machine manufacturer in Dubai, from its X handle. This means that this number does not belong to any Muslim organisation. We have attempted to contact the remaining two mobile numbers mentioned in the letter, and this article will be updated if we receive a response.

To sum it up, the information provided in this letter is false, and it has no connection to any organisation or appeal to Muslims. Several users have shared this dubious letter, making false claims that a Sunni Muslim organisation in Dubai would be reimbursing the flight expenses of Muslims in Karnataka to vote for Congress.

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