Recently, a video went viral on social media in which a man can be seen getting beaten up with a stick. Users shared the video with a caption in Hindi, claiming that the video was from Jaunpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, where BJP MLA Vipul Dubey assaulted his domestic help after the latter asked for his salary.

A Twitter handle by the name विनोद पाण्डेय (जिलाध्यक्ष प्रयागराज) अधिकार सेना shared the video making the above claim. The video has over 30,000 views at the moment.

The video has been shared widely on Twitter and Facebook. Screenshots of some of the social media posts can be seen here:

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Alt News received requests to fact-check this video on its WhatsApp helpline number (7600011160). The video is also viral on WhatsApp.

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Fact Check

Alt News found a reply to one of the viral tweets by the official Twitter handle of Jaunpur Police. It said, ”The case is not related to Jaunpur. Please do not share claims without correct information.”

They also shared a screenshot of an official tweet from Shahjahanpur Police, which had an official statement from SP Sanjay Kumar on the incident. The statement is from April 2022.

In a statement, Kumar said, “A video has gone viral on the internet, in which, one can see a man beating up another man. After questioning, we got to know the names of the accused and the victims. The man beating with the stick is Prateek Tiwari and the man being beaten in Rajiv Bharadwaj. There were also other people present over there… Rajiv said he was beaten because he used to work for another man, which he did not disclose to Prateek”.

The official Twitter handle of Banda Police also shared the video. One can see both the tweets below:

थाना सदर बाजार क्षेत्र मे “व्यक्ति द्वारा डण्डे से अन्य व्यक्ति की पिटाई किये जाने का वीडियो वायरल होने तथा कार्यवाही” के सम्बन्ध मे श्री संजय कुमार, अपर पुलिस अधीक्षक नगर @SPcitysha की बाइट।#UPPolice @Uppolice

Alt News accessed a copy of the FIR registered at Sadar Bazar police station in Shahjahanpur on April 16, 2022. In FIR number 354, a case was registered against Prateek Tiwari, Samittar and four other unknown people under sections 147, 323, and 506 of the IPC.

Therefore, the video making rounds on social media is actually of incident from 2022 from the Sadar Bazaar area of Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh. The name of the accused was Pratik Tiwari and the victim was Rajiv Bharadwaj. The video is not from Jaunpur, and the accused seen torturing is not the BJP MLA Vipul Dubey as social media users have claimed.

The readers should note that the same video was falsely viral in July-August 2022 with the claim that the accused was a BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh. Alt News had then debunked the claim as well.

Vansh Shah is an intern at Alt News.

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