According to a message which is being shared widely on Facebook and WhatsApp, a pre-election survey conducted by the British global news broadcaster BBC has concluded that the ruling BJP is all set to better its 2014 performance and storm back to power.

According to this message which lists out the possible outcome in all the states and UTs, the worst-case scenario for BJP is 323 seats, and the best case scenario is 380 seats out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats up for contest. The link to the homepage of the BBC is attached to the message, which has been reproduced below.

BJP will gain seats and win 2019 Lok Sabha polls says CIA & ISI Survey…*

*CIA* American Spy Agency
*ISI* Pakistan Spy Agency

*BJP-Worst Performance* = 323 Seats.

*BJP-Best Performance* =380 Seats

State. Range
◆Andhrapradesh(25) = 3 to 4
◆Arunachalpradesh(2) = 2 to 2
◆ Assam (14)= 8 to 10.
◆ Bihar(40). = 30 to 35
◆ Chhatisgarh(11) = 6 to 8
◆ Goa (2) = 2/2
◆ Gujarat (26) = 24 to 25
◆ Haryana(10) = 6 to 8
◆ Himachal Pradesh(4) =4 to 4
◆ Jammu&Kashmir(6) = 3 to 3
◆ Jharkhand(14) = 8 to 10
◆ Karnataka(28) = 24 to 25
◆ Kerala(20) = 2 to 3
◆ Madhya Pradesh (29) = 24 to 25
◆ Maharashtra (48) = 36 to 38
◆ Meghalaya(2) = 1 to 1
◆ Mizoram (1) =1
◆ Manipur (2) = 1
◆ Nagaland (1) =1
◆ Orissa (21) = 8 to 10
◆ Punjab (13)= 5 to 6
◆ Rajasthan (25) = 20 to 24
◆ Sikkim (1) = 1
◆ Tamilnadu(39) = 28 to 30
◆ Telangana (17) = 1 to 2
◆ Tripura(2) = 2
◆ Utar Pradesh (80) = 45 to 70
◆ Uttarakhand (5) = 5
◆ West Bengal (42) = 10 to 12
◆ Andaman Nicobar(1) = 1
◆ Chandigarh (1) =1
◆ Dadra NagarHaveli(1) =1
◆ Daman & Diu (1) = 1
◆ Lakhshdweep (1) = 1
◆ Delhi (7) = 6 to 7
◆ Pundicherry(1) =1

*Prime Minister Narendra Modi is by far the most popular leader in the country today*

Interestingly, the message says that the survey has been conducted by the CIA and the ISI, external intelligence agencies of the USA and Pakistan, respectively. Another version of the same message begins with the words, #BBC ब्रिटिश चैनल ने अपने सर्वे में दी चौकाने वाली जानकारी ।” (Shocking information by BBC channel in its survey- translation). It may be noted that the link to the BBC homepage has been attached with the message, in order to make it seem as if this ‘survey’ was commissioned by the BBC.

Several individuals have copy-pasted this message on their timelines on Facebook. It has also found its way to Twitter, although the tweet count is minimal at this stage.

No such survey

The message is a total fabrication. No such pre-election survey has been conducted by the BBC. In fact, the broadcaster does not conduct pre-election surveys at all for India. In a statement to Alt News, BBC spokesperson said, “This fake survey on the Lok Sabha polls has been circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook, with messages claiming it to be from BBC News. We’d like to make it absolutely clear that it is fake and does not come from the BBC. The BBC does not support pre-election surveys in India”.

In the past as well, prior to the Karnataka assembly election and the Rajasthan assembly poll of 2018, the name and logo of BBC was misused to circulate a fake pre-poll survey showing the ruling party ahead in both states. With the Lok Sabha election about to commence, such fake pre-election surveys are likely to be circulated widely.

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