Fake RSS letter on how Hindu boys should ‘entrap’ Muslim girls viral

A letter written apparently on the official letterhead of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is viral on social media. The text contains 12 specific lessons on how to ‘entrap’ Muslim women, and says that the RSS would give fifteen days of training on how to convert Muslim women and bring them to the folds of ‘Sanatan dharma’. A grant of Rs 5 lakh would also be given to help these couples set up their new home.

Sharing this letter on Twitter, a user wrote in Hindi, “Hindu boys, make Muslim girl fall in love with you in college and office, and establish physical relation with her so that she gets ready to leave her family and run away. You will be given 5 lakh help to settle down: RSS;” The tweet also uses the hashtag ‘#bhagwalovetrap’. (Archive)

Mohammad Tanvir, who claims to be a journalist, also shared this letter with a caption in Hindi that reads, “Read this letter and open your eyes Muslim girls, how RSS is turning you into a dead body. Taking advantage of your innocence…” (Archive)

Other Twitter users sharing this letter include @Tarannum2_, @BinT_E_Adam____, @noor_alam22, verified Twitter blue user Shahavaj Anjum, and Hamza Siddiqui.

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A translated version of the content of the letter is also circulating on WhatsApp (here and here).

Alt News received multiple requests on its WhatsApp helpline (7600011160) to fact-check the authenticity of the letter.

Fact Check

At the very first glance at the letter, we noticed some anomalies. It is without any date or sender’s name. It ends just by saying, “Copy – Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Samaj, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Sena, Hindu Yuva Vahini, Samast Hindu Samaj.”

We then performed a keyword search on Twitter and came across three letters issued by the RSS in the past that carried a format similar to the letter in circulation. We noted that the viral letter had some fundamental differences when compared to the letters issued via the official channels of the RSS. Below we have provided a comparison.

  1. The logos at the top-left corner don’t match. In fact, the original RSS letter carries a motto at the bottom of the logo that reads, “संघे शक्ति: कलौयुगे”, which is missing in the letter in circulation.
  2. The address on the letterhead written in blue font is aligned to the right in the original letter, but this is not the case in the viral letter. The original letter also carries the word “Bharat” in brackets.

Though each letter issued by the RSS has a different style of writing where the date might appear at the top or the bottom, this viral letter does not carry any date, as noted earlier.

We also found that in 2018 and 2019, fake letters with similar formats were circulated in the name of RSS. Upon taking a close look we noticed that those letters as well did not carry any date of publication.

In addition to all of the above information, we noticed that spelling mistakes as well as incomplete sentences too were part of the viral letter.

  • In point number four, the word ‘message’ (मैसेज) is written as ‘massage’ (मसाज).
  • The ninth point in the text has an incomplete word, it reads, “लड़की से अपने प्यार का इजहार करने का अच्छा मौका तलाश और उसे बताएं कि आप पर कोई दबाव नहीं है”. It should actually read, “लड़की से अपने प्यार का इजहार करने का अच्छा मौका तलाशें और उसे बताएं कि आप पर कोई दबाव नहीं है”

[Translation: Find a good opportunity to express your love to the girl and let her know that you are not under any pressure.]

Additionally, we performed multiple keyword searches to find any news reports related to this letter but we could not find any. Based on all the pieces of evidence, it is safe to conclude that the letter in circulation is inauthentic. The letter does carry many of the elements that are usually seen in official letters issued by the RSS, but upon a close look, it is evident that these elements were added haphazardly.

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