A tweet thread by @blissfehmi on social media in-charge of BJP Mahila Morcha Priti Gandhi has blown up on Twitter. The thread has over 10,000 likes and has been retweeted by several journalists as of this writing.

The thread shared screenshots of alleged tweets by Gandhi where she has claimed that her husband left the Oberoi Trident Hotel minutes before the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack. It also carries a tweet where she’s claiming that her husband witnessed a gruesome car accident in Bandra where three people died. The fourth screenshot portrays Gandhi suggesting that her husband left Capitol Hill minutes before pro-Trump rioters attacked the building.

Congress member Ayush Bhatt also shared the screenshots.

True or false?

Three out of the four screenshots have been taken from genuine tweets. It is being portrayed that Gandhi is referring to two different hotels in her tweets. Oberoi was renamed to Trident. The website of Oberoi Group’s EIH Ltd says, “In 2004, we entered into a strategic arrangement with Hilton for the international marketing and handling of reservations of the “Trident” hotels. As part of this arrangement, all the “Trident” hotels were re-branded as “Trident Hilton”, and the Oberoi Towers in Mumbai was re-branded as the Hilton Towers. In April 2008, this alliance ended and the “Trident” Hilton hotels and the Hilton Towers hotel were renamed “Trident” hotels.”

Alt News could not locate the fourth tweet attributed to Priti Gandhi which spoke about Capitol Hill.

Gandhi tweeted that “fake screenshots” of her tweets are circulating online.

Furthermore, the absence of more than one copy of the Capitol Hill tweet also suggests that it’s fake.

While her statement reads in the plural, only one of the screenshots in the viral tweet is fake. The one about her husband escaping rioting in Capitol Hill is manufactured.

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Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.