A poster about a supposed DNA expert’s claim that Rahul Gandhi is not the son of Rajiv Gandhi is circulating on social media. It has been shared by several individuals on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The claim has been circulated in the form of a newspaper clipping.

Facebook page – I Support Narendra Bhai Modi Bjp had also shared the clipping with an identical narrative.


1. Alt News did a Google search with key words given in the poster and found that no such media report exists on the internet.

2. Another search about DNA expert named Martin Sizo also yields no search results. We also couldn’t find a news report on such a press conference held by a DNA expert in any publication.

In all probability, if at all there was a slightest doubt about Rahul Gandhi’s lineage, given his prominence in the Indian political system, the issue would have been echoed by a multitude of opposition parties, which is NOT the case here. Moreover, the issue would have been on the radar of mainstream media organisations. In conclusion, the poster shared on social media with the narrative questioning Rahul Gandhi’s DNA is fake.

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About the Author

Jignesh is a writer and researcher at Alt News. He has a knack for visual investigation with a major interest in fact-checking videos and images. He has completed his Masters in Journalism from Gujarat University.