A 14-second video clip was shared by several Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders with the claim that ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan was raised during an election campaign rally of a candidate of the Samajwadi Party (SP). The alleged slogan roughly translates to – “Press the button of cycle, make (UP) Pakistan”. BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra posted this video and later took it down. But an archived version can be accessed here.

BJP MLA Abhijit Singh Sanga from UP’s Bithoor also tweeted this video and claimed the same.

The video was amplified by several other BJP members including Prashant Patel Umrao, Suresh Nakhua, Krishnandan Paswan and Y. Satya Kumar.

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Navbharat Times journalist Shivam Bhatt has also shared this video and wrote, “Pakistan’s entry in UP elections”.

Navbharat Times, Aaj Tak, Asianet, Prabhat Khabar, Times of India were among the media outlets that carried reports claiming “pro-Pakistan” slogans were chanted in an election rally taken out by SP. Pro-BJP propaganda outlet OpIndia also published a similar report.

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Fact check

Alt News found a video statement uploaded by SP candidate from Bithoor, Munindra Shukla, where he refuted the viral claim.

भ्रामक वीडियो से बचे।
जो जीतने की स्थिति में नही होता है वो भ्रामक प्रचार करके कुचक्र रचता है लेकिन हम सभी को सारे कुचक्र तोड़कर सत्य का साथ देना है कृपया भ्रमित न हो…
भारत माता की जय
वंदे मातरम
जय हिंद

Posted by मुनींद्र शुक्ला द्वितीय on Friday, February 4, 2022

In a telephonic conversation with Alt News, Shukla said, “The contentious slogan – “Pakistan Banana Hai” – was not raised. The chant that was actually raised was – “Maati Chor Bhagana Hai” (Get rid of the sand thief).” Shukla explained, “The phrase ‘sand thief’ has been used for BJP MLA Abhijit Singh Sanga because he has indulged in illegal sand mining. It’s this phrase that BJP members are claiming was a pro-Pakistan chant. Why would we raise such slogans? Even the police have investigated this video. This is BJP’s tactic to communalise an incident to give it a Hindu-Muslim angle prior to elections.”

Shukla also shared a longer version of the viral video. This is 43 seconds long and the viral segment begins from the 20-second mark. In the video, we can hear “Mohar maro taan ke cycle ke nishan pe” (Press the cycle button) and “Maati chor bhagana hai, cycle ka button dabana hai” (Get rid of the sand thief, press the cycle button).

In a video statement, Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) from Bithoor said that the video was examined and the word ‘Pakistan’ was not found. This clip was also aired by News24.

In March last year, UP-based journalist Divas Pandey had tagged BJP MLA Abhijit Singh Sanga and UP government officials and reported that Sanga’s relatives were involved in illicit sand mining. He alleged that the activity was being carried out in the police’s presence.

In conclusion, several BJP leaders and members shared a video of an election rally taken out by supporters of SP leader Munindra Shukla and falsely claimed that the slogan “Pakistan Banana Hai” was raised in the rally. This is false. The slogan that was raised was – “Maati chor Bhagana hai”.

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