On September 10, HW News broadcast a show on journalist Ravish Kumar’s Ramon Magsaysay Award and Tabrez Ansari’s lynching where charges of murder were recently dropped. The show was anchored by Abhisar Sharma and has since attracted attention on social media for the wrong reasons.

During the program, Sharma flashed a photoshopped image of an Aaj Tak promo on Chandrayaan-2. This was pointed out by several social media users who shared a video created by ‘Political Kida’.

Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi, who was featured on the photoshopped promo, tweeted about the misinformation.

The original promo

The HW News broadcast carried a morphed image of a July 22 broadcast by Aaj Tak on the launch of Chandrayaan-2. The original promo was tweeted by Tripathi on the same day.

As evident, the original image has the words – “अब चांद हमारी मुट्ठी में (The moon is now in our clutches),” while the photoshopped infographic included Prime Minister Modi’s name in the sentence – “अब चांद मोदी की मुट्ठी में (The moon is now in PM Modi’s clutches.)”

The photoshopped promo has been available online since before its appearance on HW News.

HW News’s response

After the error was brought to the notice of HW News and Abhisar Sharma, the channel took down its broadcast and uploaded it again after deleting the misinformation. A clarification on the same has been posted on its YouTube channel but is missing from its website, Facebook page and Twitter handle.

Sharma has also not added a clarification while tweeting the updated video titled, “रवीश को मैग्सेसे अवार्ड मिलने पर मोदी की ख़ामोशी! (Modi’s silence on Ravish’s Magsaysay award.)”

A photoshopped Aaj Tak promo thus featured on an HW News broadcast anchored by journalist Abhisar Sharma. HW News had in December last year broadcast a show anchored by journalist Vinod Dua which misled viewers on Union Minister Nitin Gadkari’s statements on stalled projects and NPAs. The channel later took down the program and provided an elaborate clarification.


The photoshopped tweet had also made an appearance in a September 8 report by The Wire.

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Pooja Chaudhuri is a senior editor at Alt News.