A video is doing the rounds on social media with the claim, “Chinese vehicle and a soldier captured in Ladakh.”

The clip is being shared in the backdrop of India-China border dispute causing the death of at least 20 Indian army soldiers while the Chinese side has not confirmed the number of casualties in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This led to speculation on social media and mainstream media.

Alt News has received several fact-check requests for the video.


The same video was viral on May 31 after it was reported earlier in the month that Chinese and Indian troops engaged in a face-off near Pangong Tso lake in eastern Ladakh and Naku La, Sikkim.

The clip has been revived after the death of at least 20 Indian soldiers in eastern Ladakh’s Galwan valley. It shows Indian and Chinese troopers engaged in stone-pelting. The video is shot from the Indian soldiers’ point of view. They can be seen attacking a Chinese vehicle and an injured army man (presumably Chinese) is lying on the road with his head bleeding. The Chinese soldier is protected by Indian troops with tactile shields.

Journalist Shiv Aroor tweeted the video on June 17 describing it as, “most recent one from late May in Pangong”.

A video from late May is, therefore, being circulated as a recent incident.

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