The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) have been met with massive protests across the country. A photograph of a protester holding a placard that says, “Hindu Hoon Ch***** Nahi” was shared by several people hinting that the man is a Muslim posing as Hindu during the agitation.

Twitter handle (@TheBiongHead) juxtaposed the man’s photograph with a screenshot of a Twitter profile of one Syed Mohd Yasir and wrote, “any similarity in face?”

Hemant Kamra and Amrita Malhotra, who are followed by the office of railway minister Piyush Goyal, also circulated the post.


Twitter user Syed Mohd Yasir was among those who had tweeted the image of the man with the placard.

Another publically image of the man clearly shows his face.

Credit: Aastha Gulati/The Quint

A comparison of their facial features makes it evident that the man with the placard is not Yasir. Their face-cut is different and so is the shape of their noses.

Other publically images of Yasir also show the distinction in facial features.

Moreover, Yasir had tweeted that he is not the man holding the placard.

Thus, an image of a man holding a placard that says “Hindu Hoon Ch***** Nahi” is viral with a false claim suggesting that he is Syed Mohd Yasir.

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