A picture of a banner comprising Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s photo along with a statement attributed to him is currently being shared on social media. The statement reads, “If the central government gives us funds, mothers-sisters from Himachal Pradesh will get Rs 1000 per month.” It must be noted that the phrase “if the central government gives us funds” is written in tiny letters while the rest of the sentence is in bold.

On April 8, 2022, Delhi BJP spokesperson Nighat Abbass posted the photo while mocking the AAP. Her tweet received over 2,000 retweets.

A right-wing handle @spoof_Junkey posted the same picture captioned as Kejriwal’s “manifesto” for Himachal Pradesh.

Similarly, @doctorrichabjp posted the picture asking if people in Delhi and Punjab have received the money.

Several Facebook users too shared the same picture with sarcastic remarks targeting Kejriwal.

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The picture is being shared against the backdrop of Kejriwal’s recent visit to Himachal Pradesh, where he indicated that the Aam Aadmi Party would contest upcoming assembly elections scheduled for November this year.

Morphed image

Alt News carried out a reverse image search of the photo on multiple platforms including Google and found that the image of the banner dates back to 2014. However, the statement on the banner reads completely different. The original banner reads, “Thank you, Delhi”. It was put up across Delhi after the AAP was elected to form government in 2014.

There are multiple news articles (1, 2) from 2014 that carry the image of the poster. He is wearing the same clothes in this poster.

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We have juxtaposed the morphed image with the original one to show they are the same.

A morphed image of an AAP poster was shared to falsely portray that the party was making misleading promises to voters in Himachal Pradesh. While the morphed poster depicted Delhi CM Kejriwal promising money to all women from the state if the AAP is elected to power, the phrase “if the central government gives us funds” was written in tiny letters. BJP members and supporters used this to mock Kejriwal.

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