Several users have posted a screenshot of an alleged tweet celebrating the Pulwama attack and claimed it was made by Jamia student Aysha Renna. Below is a tweet by Shefali Vaidya which says, “…Jamia girls who GLOATED on the death of our soldiers in the Pulwama attack!”

@RealHistoriPix also made the same claim.

@India_Policy wrote, The Hero of Indian Media, particularity @bdutt. Celebrating the massacre of Pulwama (that list is of the martyrs of Pulwama).His tweet was retweeted over 3,000 times.

Renna has emerged as a prominent name in the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act after a video of her standing up against Delhi police went viral. Many on Facebook have also shared the screenshot of the alleged tweet.


There are several clues in the screenshot which hint at its falseness. For one, her name is spelt incorrectly. The screenshot says “Ayesha Reena” while the Jamia student protester’s name is “Aysha Renna.”

Renna had also called out the misinformation on Twitter and clarified that her only active ID is@AyshaRenna‘.

Twitter ID ‘@ayesha_reena’ belongs to Jamid Ullah from Kashmir.

The username was earlier @drjamidullah_ which he later changed to impersonate Renna.

Therefore, a screenshot of an old tweet made by a man from Kashmir impersonating Aysha Renna has been widely shared with the false claim that the Jamia Milia student celebrated the Pulwama attack.

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