No, PM Narendra Modi did not abuse at a rally

“What kind of language is this Mr. PM? Does it beholds the Prime Minister of the country to use profanity and that too publicly? Shocking beyond belief !! Have some respect for the chair, if nothing else.”

The above message has been tweeted by Gaurav Pandhi, along with a video which has been superimposed with the words ‘Modi said BC at a rally’. Pandhi is associated with the Congress party. His tweet has been retweeted over 3200 times and ‘liked’ over 6200 times so far.

The video has been circulating widely not only on social media platforms but also on WhatsApp, with the narrative that the Prime Minister had used profane language. Modi was speaking at a rally in Patan, Gujarat.

False claim

The assertion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi uttered the word ‘bh******’ at the rally, is false. This is what PM Modi had said at the rally:

“Loko em keh chhe bhavish ma ladao pani ni thavan(i) chhe. Alya bhai badha ko chho pani ni ladai thavan(i) chhe to pachhi ame atyare thi pani pela paar kem na bandhiye.” (Translation: People say wars of the future will be fought over water. If everyone says there will be water wars then why shouldn’t we build check dams from now?)

The words ‘thavan(i) chhe’, which PM Modi can be heard uttering the second time in the video clip, has been wrongly interpreted as ‘bh******‘. ‘Thavan(i) chhe’ roughly translates to ‘Will happen/going to happen’. The classical usage is ‘thavani chhe’, but PM Modi says ‘thavan chhe’, which is colloquial usage. Repeatedly playing the word ‘thavan(i) chhe’, as was done in the video clip, creates the illusion that PM Modi said ‘bh******’. The entire video of the speech has been posted on the official handle of the BJP and can be seen below. The relevant portion begins from 49:08.

In conclusion, the claim that Prime Minister Narendra Modi indulged in profanity during his speech at Patan, Gujarat is patently false. Gaurav Pandhi has not deleted his tweet despite several users pointing out the same.


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