A quote attributed to political analyst Prashant Kishor is widespread on social media. It portrays that he said, “By 2024, BJP will lose after performing poorly in all states and will rule only in Gujarat. Even in Gujarat, its performance will be poor.”

[Hindi text: भाजपा 2024 तक देश के सभी राज्यो में बुरी तरह हारकर गुजरात की एक मात्र पार्टी बनकर रह जायेगी, गुजरात मे भी प्रदर्शन खराब रहेगा।]

Facebook pages ‘Your Voice‘ [over 2 lakh followers], Charcha chopal -चौपाल चर्चा [over 19K followers] and ‘Article 19‘ [over 60 followers] shared this image. The three posts gained over 4,000 likes cumulatively.

Similarly, several other Facebook users have shared this image, including the group ‘Rahul gandhi future of India 🇮🇳‘ which has over 50,000 members.

False quote

Readers should note that no credible media outlet has reported that Prashant Kishor made the above statement.

We noticed that the background in the viral image indicates that it was taken at an event organised by The Indian Express.

Using this as a clue, we performed a keyword search and found that the image of Kishor is from a 2021 event called Idea Exchange by The Indian Express (IE). Kishore was asked questions by multiple journalists from the Express group. The article hyperlinked above has the full transcript of the interview. Based on the transcript, it is clear that Kishor didn’t make this statement at this event.

Alt News spoke with Kishore and he confirmed that the quote is fake.

An image of Prashant Kishor from last year was, therefore, shared with the false claim that he said the BJP will will voted out of power in all states except Gujarat.

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