A social media post depicting a man (in a white shirt) with Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral with several social media users claiming that the same man appears to be a shoemender in one picture and a potter in the other. Users alleged that the man was impersonating a cobbler in one picture and a potter in the other while posing for pictures with the Prime Minister.

Rtd. IAS officer, Surya Pratap Singh (@suryapsingh_IAS) shared the post with the caption, “Very good!! The one who had become a cobbler appeared in the role of a potter. Where did you learn this impersonation game?” The post received over 6,91,800 views, 4985 retweets and 17,500 likes. (Archive)

Facebook user, Lilesh Yadav, shared the post on Facebook with the caption, “The one who was made mochi, appeared in the role of potter, At least you should have changed the person….!!” (Archive)

जो मोची बना था,वही कुम्हार के रोल में प्रकट हो गया,
कम से कम व्यक्ति तो बदल लेते….!!

Posted by Lilesh Yadav on Wednesday, 20 September 2023

The post also went viral on Twitter.

Fact Check

A Google reverse image search led us to a report by News 18, which stated that on the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti on September 17, 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Yashobhoomi Convention Centre in Delhi and launched the PM-Vishwakarma scheme, an initiative to encourage artisans and craftsmen and those engaged in work based on traditional skills. “Ahead of the launch of the PM-Vishwakarma scheme, PM Modi also interacted with Vishwakarma partners at the India International Convention and Expo Centre and appreciated their artefacts. The prime minister at the launch of the scheme said that under the PM Vishwakarma scheme, the government will provide up to Rs 3 lakhs loan without any (bank) guarantee.”, the report added.

A key-word search on Google led us to a report published by NDTV, which stated, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday met several craftsmen at YashoBhoomi convention centre in Delhi on the occasion of Lord Vishwakarma Jayanti. PM Modi also praised “India’s artisanal diversity” and extended his greetings on the occasion. He met several artists and craftsmen such as potters, tailors, masons, cobblers and more.” The report contained several images of PM Modi’s interaction with the craftsmen, where we can see the image of PM Modi interacting with the potters.

A key-word search on YouTube led us to a video report by India Today, titled “PM Modi Meets Artisans And Craftsmen Related To Footwear Industry At Yashobhoomi Convention Centre“, where at the 0:34 mark, the foot-wear craftsman can be seen conversing with the PM.

A closer look at both images reveals that both the men (in white shirts) are not identical and, in fact, are two different persons.

To sum up, two pictures are viral on social media, with the claim that the same person is posing as a shoemender and a potter in them. Alt News fact check revealed that the claim is false, as the images are of two different persons.

Abira Das is an intern at Alt News.

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