Vaishali Yadav, an Indian medical student studying in Ukraine and daughter of a leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP), recently made a video from Ukraine. Yadav appealed to the Indian government to assist the students stranded in the war-torn country.

It was also reported that Yadav is the gram pradhan (village head) of Tera Pursaili village in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. Soon after this discovery, several users on social media started sharing a photo of a young woman arrested by the police. It has been claimed that the woman in the photo is Vaishali Yadav.

The photo was tweeted by @YogiDevnath2, whose bio states that he is the in-charge of Hindu Yuva Vahini Gujarat Pradesh.

It was also shared by users @humlogindia, @Tiwari__live, @realpriya111, @itsVSPARMAR, among others.

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The claim is also viral on Facebook.


We performed a Google reverse image search on the photo which led us to a tweet by Nagaur police, Rajasthan. The tweet was a press statement by the police regarding the arrest of a young woman under The Arms Act. In the statement, the police say that the woman had posted a video on social media where she could be seen flaunting a weapon. Reports by NDTV and The Print identify the woman as 27-year-old Kamla Chaudhary.

It must be noted that it was previously claimed that Vaishali Yadav had created the viral video from her home in Hardoi and was pretending to be in Ukraine. She was arrested by UP police, the claim added. This turned out to be false. Alt News’s report on this instance of disinformation can be read here. In a statement, Hardoi SP Rajesh Dwivedi said that Yadav is currently in Romania. The claim that she was detained or arrested in UP is false.

झूठा निकला यूक्रेन में फंसी हरदोई की वैशाली यादव की गिरफ्तारी का मामला

हरदोई के तेरा पुरसौली गांव की प्रधान वैशाली यादव यूक्रेन में एमबीबीएस कर रही है जिन्होंने एक वीडियो जारी कर अपनी बात कुछ समय पहले बताई थी । आज सुबह बिहार के सीतामढ़ी के बीजेपी विधायक अनिल कुमार ने ट्वीट कर ये सनसनी मचा दी कि वैशाली यादव ने फर्जी वीडियो जारी कर अफवाह फैलाई थी ताकि सरकार बदनाम हो जाये इसके चलते वैशाली यादव को गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया है , इस ट्वीट से राजनीति गरमा गई थी , खंजर सूत्र डॉट कॉम ने जब पड़ताल की तो वैशाली ने बताया कि वो अभी रोमानिया में है और सुरक्षित है । हरदोई के एसपी राजेश द्विवेदी ने भी बताया कि हरदोई पुलिस ने ऐसी कोई कार्यवाई नही की है । खंजर पड़ताल से ये सिद्ध हुआ कि अधूरा ज्ञान खतरनाक होता है और बिहार वाले बीजेपी विधायक ने अपने अधूरे ज्ञान के चलते एक ज्वलंत समस्या जिसमे पूरा विश्व उलझा है इस वक़्त, का मज़ाक टाइप का ही उड़ा दिया और अपनी राजनीति की रोटियां सेंकने की फिराक में ना केवल यूक्रेन से निकलकर रोमानिया में शरण ली हुई वैशाली और हरदोई में उसके परिजनों को परेशान किया बल्कि सरकार के लिए भी एक तरह की असहज स्थिति पैदा कर दी ।

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Posted by Khanzar Sutra on Wednesday, 2 March 2022

However, according to a report by The Indian Express, the Hardoi administration has ordered a probe into Yadav studying in Ukraine. Speaking to The Indian Express, an official said, “According to rules, gram panchayat is supposed to be met once a month. The gap between two meetings cannot exceed two months. Also, a panchayat member cannot be absent in three consecutive meetings.”

Hence, a woman’s arrest in Nagaur was falsely linked to Vaishali Yadav, an SP leader’s daughter who is studying in Ukraine. Yadav had made a video appealing to the Indian government for help. Since then, there is an attempt to discredit her plight. However, Yadav is a village head and objections were raised regarding her absence while being a public representative.

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